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Real coffee – Ice coffee have less caffeine than real coffee

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Real coffee – Does ice coffee have less caffeine than real coffee?

Real coffee In the morning take a strong sip of coffee and the world looks much more friendly. Pop, awake – this always works! But how is it actually when we can not even think of hot brewed coffee on hot summer even without getting sweating? Is it just as effective to drink a glass of ice coffee or do we just imagine something here?

Ice coffee is not as awesome as real coffee!

The fact is that in an iced coffee is significantly less space for the actual coffee than in a normal cup of coffee. Why? Because we make cold coffee with ice cream, cream, milk or with ice cubes – depending on whether it is an ice-coffee or an ice brew. While coffee is usually prepared with milk and a ball of vanilla ice, hot coffee is poured on ice cubes in the glass. As soon as the ice cubes melt, they dilute the coffee even more.

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Say: After already less space for our favorite caffeine booster in the glass was, it is now also displaced by liquids, which make it even thinner. No wonder a glass of ice coffee makes you less awake than a cup of coffee.

There are, however, two tricks with which you can avoid this:

1. Make ice cubes out of coffee

Instead of freezing water, you simply fill coffee in the ice cube containers. A few hours later, you’ll have absolutely seductive coffee ice cubes that do not water down the coffee, but make it more powerful every minute.

2. Prepare cold brew coffee

Cold brew is particularly popular with coffee lovers. Cold-brewed coffee is prepared from a homemade coffee concentrate (200 g of coffee per 1 liter of cold water), which must be kept at room temperature for 12 hours. Subsequently, it is filtered and poured into about two cups of cold water (recommended mixing ratio 1: 2). If you want to drink it colder than room temperature, add coffee ice cubes.

But if you are less concerned about the caffeine rather than the pleasure, we tell you here, how you can make ice coffee itself. And we have the best ice coffee hacks for you. So you can prepare the perfect ice coffee.


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