perfect ice coffee

Perfect ice coffee and 4 trick to get the perfect ice coffee

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Perfect ice coffee and 4 trick to get the perfect ice coffee

Perfect ice coffee – Honestly, no matter how often we try it, somehow, homemade ice – cream never tastes like Starbucks & Co. Something is different about the Barista, which has not yet succeeded at home. But at the great temperatures, which we will continue to expect in the coming days, it will finally be time to learn how to do it right. Because: It’s really easy! I will explain in 4 simple steps how to make the perfect ice coffee.


Credits : Erin/Flickr

1. Less is more

The name already reveals: Ice coffee contains ice. And that will melt as soon as it comes into contact with your favorite hot drink. So that you do not have to drink some thin plorer, you should make the coffee particularly strong . That means: Same amount of coffee as usual, but only half the water. When the ice cubes dissolve, the ice coffee gets exactly the right strength. Fist: 4 tablespoons ground coffee on 180 ml of water .

2. The water is important

Coffee consists of 98% water. That’s why it’s absolutely essential when you’reusing really high-quality, best-filtered water . This also applies to ice cubes, of course. If you do it yourself in the ice compartment, make sure to use fresh, filtered water.

3. The bean interests you

For the full aroma of the ice-cream, the main focus is on the bean. For delicious ice coffee, use the best of Latin or African varieties. Beans from Latin America , for example, bring a nut aroma and a delicious spice into your coffee, which just addictive.

4. To the glasses, ready, go!

First fill a glass with ice cubes. Then it goes to the coffee. For really good ice coffee you use either a filter attachment for your glass or a French Press . Filter attachments are made, for example, of porcelain. They close flush with the glass and prevent the overflow. Filter the filter and add the desired amount of ground coffee beans.

Then pour so much freshly brewed water into the filter that the whole coffee powder is well covered. Let it rest for 10 seconds to allow the flavor to unfold. Then pour the remaining water and run the coffee through the filter onto the ice cubes. Quickly drink and enjoy.


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