Keto Butter Coffee Makes You Healthier

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What do you know about Keto Butter Coffee?

Some people will say Keto coffee is quite a bit healthier. A high-fat coffee instead of breakfast may be fast and delicious and full of energy. Why? Keto butter coffee gives a lot of energy to boost your day. And bonus can make you slimmer with keto coffee

butter keto coffee best

Are you a morning person?

All just want a faster and easy cup of coffee in the table every morning. Start from instant coffee or using coffee maker to get your fresh coffee.

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Let’s talk about Components Keto Coffee.

MCT oil or Coconut oil – Technicly coconut oil is MCT (medium Chain Triglyceride) oil, it’s about 80% MCT for sure.

Do you know that MCT oil is more concentrate than coconut oil? Same result is to decrease fat loss. But Most of people use coconut oil, for them it gives taste nice and off course cheaper.

Keto Butter Coffee Coconut Oil

Grass Fed Butter – To improved consistency and nutritional properties, cows have a diet of fresh grass yealds butter. This increase the amount of fats specially unsaturated fats which gives a firmness too.

Vitamin K2 ND Omega 3 Fatty Acids is including this butter.

butter coffee

Immersion Blender – you need to blender these ingredients. why? oil doesn’t mix with water. Blender them all and it will look like a latte with foamy on the top.

New Diet Trend for coffee lovers

Drinking coffee under controled is not harmful and can be considered have health benefits. This kind of keto butter coffee is a new diet trend. by combine coffee oil and butter as substitude for breakfast.

However, there’s still not enough evidence to proof as healthy or potential risks.

Is It Worth it?

Maybe as a drink, yes. But Keto for Weight loss to get slimmer, you should committed and stay on the track of the rules. The result is depending how you follow the instruction.

Just choose wisely for your body. Good luck !

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