Double macchiato

Double macchiato – Macchiato with milk!

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Double macchiato – Macchiato with milk!

Double macchiato – The highest stage of compliance. Or is it the first thing you do after waking up, or first thing when you come into the office. Coffee, regardless of the dose of caffeine, or the amount of milk is still the best invitation for socializing.


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Choosing the perfect machine can be a problem even for those best informed. Today cafes offer hundreds of different versions of this drink, so that sometimes they take the whole side of their price lists. Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is ‘cappuccino’, and that ‘latte’, mainly due to milk foam that you can be deceiving.

The differences between the different types of coffee in the cafes and their names easy to distinguish if you know how to prepare, how much milk containing, and even how to serve. In this article we will make a guide to the price lists in bars, in order to know the next time you place an order.


If you think the name of this drink came from Italy- you’re right! Comes from the name of the machine that prepares him. The finely ground coffee is subjected to hot water pressure of 9 bar. The product is a small dose of coffee strong and full of flavor. Therefore espresso comes only in small cups. Extended espresso (known as the long coffee) with milk or cream is the regional invention. Somewhere Americano call it, which is diluted espresso, filter coffee, American-like that comes to staggering and (I exaggerated) 200 ml of the diluted espresso.


Cappuccino is a beverage based on espresso and admired in Italy. It comes to the ‘original recipe’ contains one third espresso, one third milk and one-third of delicious dairy.  Service cappuccino no more than 150ml, although it somewhere you can get and at higher doses. In Italy never to drink after a meal or after 11 hours. Italians believe that the cappuccino ‘morning’ drink.


Each of these drinks has a birth certificate in Italy and of course, a latte is not an exception. Latte is basically espresso in that you pour in twice the amount of milk. Thus, 1/3 + 2/3 espresso milk. It is served in large cups about 200ml. That contains more milk is the perfect drink for those in coffee not seeking caffeine shot.


The foundation of each beverage on our list is a good dose of espresso. Macchiato is a type that retains the strength of coffee, or with a small amount of milk or milk foam to soften the strong flavor. Its name translates as ‘marked’ and refers to the amount of milk or cream to beverage.


Why Mocha is actually dessert and considered as the main heroes of our stories Italians. Because Mocha is a chocolate coffee. You will easily make you an espresso poured into a small dose of cocoa and milk. In Turin call it ‘Bicerin’ which is a combination of espresso, chocolate with hazelnuts and whipped cream. It served in glasses with thick walls, not in the cup.

Do you like Double macchiato for your coffee drinks?

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