Coffee tea benefit : drink coffee or tea?

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Coffee tea benefit : drink coffee or tea?

Coffee tea benefit have a positive impact on long-term health, but also can not overdo on both drinks.

Both morning drink has its advantages – while we generally teas can help with weight loss, they each have their additional benefits. For example, many herbal teas help with unpredictable and painful periods, and yellow and green tea, and caffeinated teas maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system. Coffee, despite being very famous because it creates dependence has a lot of advantages.

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For the energetic morning full of motivation can help both hot beverages. However, the effect depends on the type and method of preparation of coffee, as well as on the type of tea you drink in the morning. Tea with caffeine has a stimulating effect and relieve fatigue, but will also drinking such teas in the morning to give you the energy you need. Coffee is healthy for the heart, blood vessels, and metabolism, and caffeine gives the necessary energy, but some studies have shown to improve cognitive skills and memory and brain function and up to 24 hours after drinking coffee.

A cup of espresso coffee can have from 40 to 100 milligrams of caffeine, a cup of instant coffee from 35 to 110. Arabica can have from 50 to 120 milligrams, while robusta even from 100 to 250. The figures are indicative because they depend on the manufacturer, the type of coffee, but and the manner of preparation. On the other hand, black tea in a cup of 240 milliliters may have 14 to 70 milligrams of caffeine, also depending on the method of preparation – and depending on how long you leave the tea bag in water. Green tea in turn, can have 24 to 45 milligrams.

How much caffeine should not enter?

Just the caffeine that can be found in tea and coffee, it gives us the needed energy and affects our productivity and concentration, but the culprit for the bad consequences that can bring this two world-famous beverage if it is consumed in excessive amounts. It is believed that up to 400 milligrams of caffeine sufficient daily intake for adults healthy people, while higher intake can result in insomnia, nervousness, as well as muscle tremor, high heart rate, and digestive problems.

If your body is not accustomed to caffeine, but after a cup of instant coffee or a cup of black tea, you can feel a little nervous.

All the benefits of coffee and tea



Studies have shown that moderate drinking coffee, and advised to drink up to three cups of coffee a day, can have long-term positive health effects, such that it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, can affect the health of the cardiovascular system and, apparently, reduces the risk of stroke.

Also, the coffee you more durable if they drink before exercise. But the coffee can gain your weight, especially if you live on coffee to go from a variety of popular bars or coffees. That are actually sweet calorie beverages with little caffeine, such as Frappucino. The reason why you feel better after you drink this type of drink is that you have entered enough sugar. But this also raises your energy and alertness at that point.

Coffee is also a rich source of antioxidants. That can prevent or slow the progression of the disease whose cause free radical, or by-products. Because of this, some researchers believe that antioxidants reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, coffee is a source of potassium and magnesium.

People who suffer from high blood pressure or some form of cardiovascular disease. It is advisable to reduce the daily intake of coffee, but do not have it completely out.


There are herbal teas and teas with caffeine. While you will be green and black tea prepared on the business day. Herbal tea is also an excellent drink to your morning or evening enjoyable. It is also used in the treatment of many diseases, or of symptoms thereof. All kinds of teas great for hydration, making the skin as you during the summer and hot days. Also, as well as coffee and tea is full of antioxidants that will affect the maintenance of your health. Although you coffee can provide enough energy for a productive exercise, the tea itself can aid in weight loss. For example, green tea will speed up your metabolism without any additivess. In addition, tea is fluoride to help with dental problems, but excessive intake may affect bone density.

What to drink?

Both beverages have long-term positive health effects. Be careful how much you drink and how much caffeine a day to your body type. Be sure to avoid excessive intake of caffeinated beverages before bedtime. It may cause sleep deprivation, which can affect even more caffeine the next day. If you do not believe the myths about bad effects of the same, but enjoy its warm good morning!


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