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Coffee milk and sugar? Not a good idea!

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Coffee milk and sugar? Not a good idea!

Coffee milk – Black coffee is not everyone’s thing. With a sip of milk or a spoonful of sugar, our favorite drink tastes better, even if we know that both foods are rapidly increasing the calorie content. If only that were all …

Just can't have my coffee without lots of milk :D #macaron #latte #coffee #chiangmai #cafe #nomadlife

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Study shows Sweetened milk coffee damages the eating habits

As a study by the University of Illinois and the University of California, recently published in the Public Health show, coffee-drinkers who use milk and sugar in the morning eat worse than those who use black coffee. The same is true for people who pour milk and sugar into their black tea. 19,400 participants simply ignored the extra calories consumed – and they ate calorie-rich and overall worse throughout the day.

Specifically, dairy coffee drinkers consumed a total of 69 calories and milk tea drinkers 43 calories more than those who drank their tea and coffee. Whoever took his mixed coffee or tea as a dessert tended to absorb more sugar and saturated fat in everyday life.

coffee and milk

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Why this effect arises, the experts could not explain. Perhaps it is because we also automatically buy a muffin or bagel for coffee? Or because of the fact that after a tangle of coffee, we are eager for some junk food? Either way, we should better think twice about whether the coffee really needs milk and sugar.

So what would you choose to be friend for your coffee? Its all back with you personality and you taste. Pour the sugar just a little bit or even didn’t use it. Coffee is nice to be drink whenever in break time. we can make it by ourselves or we can buy it at coffee shop. There’s a lot of variant of coffee, but mostly coffee will not forget presence of milk and sugar.

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