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Coffee Lovers Prolongs Live Longer

Beauty and Healthy Have A Break Instant Coffee

Coffee Lovers Prolongs Live Longer

Hi ! Coffee lovers

Coffee lovers and The effect of coffee on the organism has often been investigated. The general tenor: the drink is stress-promoting and can lead to exhaustion, insomnia, and anxiety.


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However, according to recent findings, the caffeine-containing hot drink has a health-promoting effect. According to this, coffee can reduce the risk of heart attacks or stroke. A new study by Harvard University is even going so far as to attribute a life-prolonging effect to the black bean. The results were published in the journal “Circulation”.

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For the elaboration, the experts analyzed data from around 200,000 medical employees. And that from three records over a period of 30 years. Among them were nearly 75,000 women from the “Nurses’ Health Study”, 93,000 women from the “Health Study 2” and 40,500 men from the “Health Professionals Follow-up Study”.

How much coffee is healthy for Coffee lovers?

But how many cups per day is coffee healthy? This is a question that is answered in detail in the study. One to five cups a day is life-prolonging. From the sixth cup, there would be no additional effect. It also does not pity the body to drink even more coffee.

Coffee Healthy

Overall, the black beans should not only reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes but also protect against neurological discomfort. The best thing: the health-promoting aspect also applies to decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee Effect

The empirical study does not deal with how this effect comes about. They have merely shown that there are statistical relationships between the coffee and the health constitution. However, researchers believe that chemical ingredients could have a positive effect on health.

How many cups do you drink coffee every day? do you ever think that coffee for some reason can make life longer?

Dear coffee lovers, take your coffee wisely. Have a great day!

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