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Coffee hacks – 10 Life Hacks That Will Change Your Day

Coffee Beans Have A Break Tips

Coffee hacks and 10 things will change your life

Coffee hacks – If you love starbucks and co., But do not want to always spend a small fortune on your coffee , these coffee hacks come just right. So you can also conjure coffee creations at home like the pros and make the great pleasure moment from every little coffee break.

1. Let the coffee breathe

Baristas know: The secret of a really good coffee is this particular creamy-frothy consistency, after which we always linger in our favorite café. The trick behind it is Aerating , in German nothing but aerating. For this, the coffee is repeatedly poured from a high height from one container to another. Try the following: Keep your coffee cup on the head in front of you and pour the contents into an empty cup, which you put in the sink for sure. Repeat this several times (but do not scald!) And enjoy a creamy coffee as fresh from the barista of your trust.

2. The perfect milk froth – without milk frother

You do not need a milk frother to create the fantastic foam for your latte. A microwave and a disposable glass are sufficient. Disposable glasses are the all-round talents of the modern kitchen and show here again why you should always have one hand-held. Fill it up to half with milk as you brew the coffee. Screw the glass over and shake vigorously for about 10 to 15 seconds until the milk foams in small bubbles. Then remove the lid (absolutely!) And place the glass in the microwave for about 45 – 60 seconds at high level. That’s it!

Not a good time for photo, I rather have coffee first

Credits :  Khantipol/Flickr

3. Enjoy exotic spices

If you love Chai Latte, you’ll love this coffee hack. For your next cup, simply pour chai spices directly into the filter with the coffee powder and experience how a simple coffee becomes a pleasant experience from 1001 nights. Chai-latte can be bought or mixed. You need cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, and ginger. With your own creations, you can, of course, try wonderfully, what tastes best for you, and set delicious accents.


Credits : Michelle Burt/Flickr

4. Spoon oatmeal coffee for breakfast 

coffee hacks Granted: This sounds a bit odd at first. But we promise you: You will love it! We discovered the recipe at Jessica from the blog How Sweet It Is , which describes her Oatmeal Latte as a piece “heaven in a cup” and as “hug in a mug” and we can only join. To the recipe: Oatmeal latte In addition to oatmeal, cinnamon, vanilla extract, brown sugar and a little bit of cereal are also included in this morning creation. If you like breakfast, you’ll love this coffee! Small tip: The best thing is to enjoy the Oatmeal Latte with a spoon.

5. Eat your own coffee beans

Yes, it is so easy to simply flip the ground coffee from the bag into the filter, but there is simply nothing to beat the taste of fresh coffee, which has just been made from self- ground beans. In addition, coffee grinders have something nostalgic and the small workout can easily become an integral part of your morning routine. For the morning muffle among us, there are, of course, electric mills, who love the work lovingly, while you are in the shower.

Coffee Time

Credits:  Graham Richardson/Flickr

6. Secretariat Nutella

You can say about Nutella what you want, but versatile it is definitely. So it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea to give Nutella a coffee and to conjure up something that sparkles chocolate junkies. This someone might have been for example Alyssa from the blog runaway chef . Here we have found the delicious recipe for Nutella-Latte . And lo and behold: It tastes great!


Credits :  3OPAHA/Flickr

7. Drink times cold coffee as coffee hacks

This coffee hack is really anything but yesterday’s: cold-brewed coffee is one of the trends this summer. But be careful not to confuse with ice coffee. While ice-coffee is brewed and then cooled down with ice cubes, in this variant the coffee powder is drained in cold water . The delicious taste is therefore not watered down. Instead, a coffee awaits you, which has preserved all the full flavors of the bean.

Here’s how: 180 grams of freshly ground (see point 5!) Add coffee to 400 milliliters of cold water and allow to draw at room temperature for 12 hours. Then drain the coffee through a filter to remove the coffee grounds. Sounds like a lot of effort? But worth it!

It goes faster with this ice-cream-hack . This turns her hand turning the world’s best ice-coffee.

8. Freeze your coffee

Sometimes it has to be the classic. For this, we have already compiled a few recipe ideas for ice-coffee. As you make from a simple ice-cream but an exotic drink, which you will not be guaranteed enough this summer, Alejandra reveals from the blog always order dessert. Your creamy vanilla cashew bar is vegan and can be frozen after the preparation and enjoyed throughout the week in delicious small portions. So we are now guaranteed always have a few portions of the ice compartment!

9. Make the fastest ice cream coffee in the world

If this is too expensive, there are, of course, also faster ways to get a delicious ice-cream. The secret of this coffee hack is instant coffee. Anyone who just has the nose now has not tried this 2-minute ice coffee yet. Here’s how: Just bring a few teaspoons of water to a boil and stir in a coffee spoonful of instant coffee. Fill a cup half with your favorite milk and stir in vanilla or almond syrup. Now add the coffee concentrate and beat the creation with 1 – 2 balls of vanilla ice cream. So delicious!!

Coffee Ice - Cream

Credits :  Anshu/Flickr

10. Drink as much coffee as you want

As long as you drink enough water. As a coffee lover, you know that it can never really be too much coffee. But the nervous trembling, after a few cups, you know, of course, anyway. Especially in stress situations, when we need coffee so urgently, the one cup additionally acts as a turbo and the tremor starts. You can avoid this by drinking two glasses of water for each cup of coffee. They counteract the dehydration, which can trigger fatigue, tension and concentration difficulties, and keep you on course even in the most stressful moments.

But this is just one of many reasons why you should drink enough water.

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