Caffeine consumptions – List of 10 things when stop drinking coffee

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Caffeine consumptions – List of 10 things when stop drinking coffee

Coffee is a drink enjoyed by millions around the world.

Caffeine consumptions – Many can not without it, but some feel the negative consequences they are thinking about to stop drinking. However, it has some of its consequences, good and bad.

Portal Reader’s Digest has made a list of 10 unexpected things that happen to your body when you stop drinking coffee.

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1.  You can lose weight

Research at Duke University showed that daily consumption of caffeine in coffee, tea or other beverages in subjects increased daily sugar levels by almost 10 percent. This means greater risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity. By dropping coffee you can throw hundreds of calories out of your diet in just one day.

2.  You can gain weight There is another side.

Coffee may temporarily suppress your appetite, which means that, if you stop drinking, you can look for replacement in a variety of other fat and sugar foods.

3.  Maybe you’ll sleep better

Although you will feel tired as your body gets used to the lack of stimulants, you could sleep better in the long run, especially if you are used to drinking coffee in the afternoon or in the evening. One study has shown that the intake of caffeine even six hours before sleep can disturb the sleep.

4.  You may have more headaches

Every fan of coffee is familiar with headaches after not having a drink in the morning. By quitting drinking coffee, the body takes away adrenaline and dopamine, which act as natural stimuli and keep you awake. Instead, you will feel the influence of adenosine, the hormone responsible for rest and fatigue, which causes changes in the brain leading to headaches. To minimize pain, do not stop drinking coffee suddenly, but gradually reduce your intake.

5.  You may feel bad

Coffee breaks can also cause depression, anxiety, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, insomnia … But it will not last long. Physical symptoms go away after just two days and the other side effects after one week or two.

6.  You might have a healthier smile

Coffee is very acidic, which badly affects the teeth. Stop drinking it and you will have white teeth.

7.  You may be left without antioxidants

Coffee also has many positive consequences for health, and many have a rich source of antioxidants. More research has shown that coffee reduces the risk of various diseases, from breast cancer to Parkinson’s. If you stop drinking, all those benefits, of course, disappear. The problem should not be to replace the antioxidants from coffee with those from tea, fruit and vegetables.

8.  You may be more difficult to concentrate without caffeine consumptions

Tiredness and irritability are two side effects of coffee pudding, and they also contribute to a lack of concentration. As an antidote, try the chewing gum with menthol flavor, which has shown a research, accelerates reaction and increases precision.

9. You may get a prison

Caffeine encourages “passage” in your bowels, which will make you feel a little closed after you expel coffee from your diet. The solution is food with lots of fiber, plenty of water and regular exercise.

10. You may feel more calm

Caffeine is a stimulant that naturally raises levels of adrenaline and stress hormones in your body. Stop drinking coffee and you will feel less stressful and anxious.


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