Top 10 Famous Local Coffee Shops In The World

Local coffee shops always become favorite in every country in this world. It could be they have something special in it. But can’t deny there is always Coffee as consumed accompany (or instead of) the breakfast menu at home by most people. Coffee is also often served after eating a heavy meal, and often served after dinner, in a restaurant or a party.

Coffee culture is also aggressively promoted by the Pan-American Coffee Bureau, which is the culture of “coffee break” was first promoted in 1952. Its success is driven by the fame of instant coffee and coffee maker, and the coffee break has been a part of the labor institution in America. We will talk about local coffee shops in all over the world.

TOP 10 Famous Local Coffee Shops In The World

1. Toby Estate – Sydney , Australia

Tobys Estate Cafe, Potts Point

You should not miss this local coffee shops while in Australia, as in Italy, in Sydney a cup of strong coffee is a very important part in our daily lives. Unlike prescription presentation Cappuccino or Espresso, Toby Estate has its own secrets regarding the roasting and milling techniques.
Initially, a local culinary magazine Australian who popularized it. As the coffee workshop, Toby Estate has a hearth and a separate coffee bean roasters machine at the top level. And whenever a customer comes, employees with several put coffee beans into the machine, roasting and then grinding. The sweet smell of delicious spread throughout the café space. It is true that this fragrance to awaken the tastes of customers sipping coffee was really fresh!

2.The Sheares’s Quarters – Selandia Baru

local coffee shops

In a quiet street in Timaru, a small industrial town  of the South Island Sea, New Zealand, local coffee shops inside cottage stands, with a rustic style, and built using steel panels. You will feel cozy and comfortable here, in the garden café decorated as in the films American cowboy. The café is divided into three parts: a small shop selling snacks, coffee lounge, and dining room. It emits a unique atmosphere with bright yellow lighting.

“Cafe is always full, is not it?” the waitress will greet you. “If you come a little sooner, there will be a lot of kids swarmed everywhere.”
There will be a little surprise when the waiter invited, “Let’s go to the cottage in the garden next door”, and there! No calves, ponies, chickens, ducks everywhere, like a small zoo. No wonder there is an atmosphere of farmland ambush!
And indeed this little cafe is a whole series of meals, comfort, sales and place of learning (weekly training conducted) with a concept that is always natural.

3. Starbucks – Seattle


In 1971, an English teacher at Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegel and writer Gordon Bowker founded the Starbucks for the first time in the world, at Pike Market, Seattle. Initially, they mainly sell high-quality coffee beans and equipment, but now Starbucks has become famous corporations throughout the world. Starbucks is a dream for nearly all businesses coffee.

Starbucks name from the book by Melville, Moby Dick, it is the name of a captain – Starbucks of Captain Ahab. Although Starbucks coffee is accessible everywhere in the world, enjoy the original flavor in first Starbucks at Pike Market has more meaning, in relation to history.

Original Starbucks was built on an old building in Market Pike. Among the many stores are crammed with shoppers. This place is pretty subtle, but it is not difficult to find many people queuing outside or glanced in the full sense of wonder. Visitors should bring their coffee to go because of the limited space that is just enough to stand up. The sign “First Starbucks” and decorated with large bronze badge “Established 1971” can be found on the right side of the door. That sign also conveys the identity of this local coffee shops.

4. Snel – Amsterdam 

local coffee shops

Snel’s cafe is located in Hotel Lloyd Eastern Docklands, Amsterdam. It extends a beautiful view of the cluster of Long Island and residential blocks on artificial islands. In 1918, the Dutch foreign labor export center, where many poor Europeans moved to America. Then the aim of making the construction it is a place of lodging, physical examination, and epidemic prevention injection, for labor that will be distributed. After that, they sailed to America from the nearby docks after being physically feasible in testing. Until World War II, the building was occupied by the Germans and the building converted into a prison.

It’s hard to sit quietly enjoying a coffee because customers can freely explore the prison environment. Downstairs and back to Snel cafe on the first floor, the building is simple, neat and the atmosphere outside of our times; stairs translucent like a magical performances tub beam webs cobwebs, make people think about the importance of architectural beauty.

5. Landtmann – Vienna

Vienne cafe landtmann 001

Many people love to go to this local coffee shops alone, loved the tranquility cafénya, reading between the scent of coffee, one of the most enjoyable things in life. In the mid-19th century, drinking coffee at café Vienna, the capital of Austria, which is the main spring European cafe these days, is a social activity for politicians, a pleasure for musicians and a spiritual experience for the author and a great writer.

In Landtmann café is largely seats. It is located in the open air in front of the door. Seating in the open, the flowers that bloom in the external environment and the bright sunlight, together compose a beautiful painting beautiful. Many tourists like to sit in the outside area, while enjoying views of the Capitol, gardens City Hall, Castle Teather, and buildings with exquisite architecture, are also listening to the rattling of the trains passing by carrying tourists around the main road. As was brought back to the Habsburg empire prospered.

Landtmann is the cafe of choice for government employees of Vienna and the actors and actresses drama. After appearing at the Castle Theatre, many actors love relaxing in Landtmann located not so far away, he briefly makes an analysis of the script. And government officials gathered at City Hall like “Conference Café” in this place, where they enjoyed coffee to freshen up while discussing politics.

If someone wants to understand the political anecdote or drama Vienna from a different point of view, Landtmann café is the choice for his soles.

6. To Die For Bar And Restaurant – Bangkok

local coffee shops

The café as well as a resto was very exotic and relaxing . Mr. Bhanu Inkawat is founder and leader of To Die For. He was a former creative director of international an advertising company, in Bangkok. In 1997, he created the modern brand Greyhound with a few close friends. With Unexpectedly, this place is a widespread response and sales increased rapidly. The local coffee shops here is not very tasty. Just the concept of eating a creative and unpretentious atmosphere was fun. Many people would love this small coffee restaurant, love the freedom. The recipe is different and modern food. Everyone will love the service, and the price is cheap but high quality.

Feel the comfort and deliverance in To Die For.

7. Montmartre Image Café – Taipei

Basically, people familiar with the Taipei coffee culture and mostly live in the world of coffee. Today the most popular coffee topics mostly about regarding café, diantarnya Montmartre Image Café is the best coffee shop. The owner Lai Yuezhong, previously a famous photographer in Taipei. But he loves Paris and wants to find an aura of Paris in Taipei. So at Yangming mountain corner, he built his own coffee world which then spread everywhere the fragrance Paris. Busiest time starts at the dinner hour, many customers old people come here from distant downtown area when dusk. Cafe is divided into three parts, a seat at the front in an open environment, the main hall and a room at the back.

8. Alila Manggis – Bali , Indonesia

Alila Manggis Bali

On the island of Bali, in the east of Kuta and south of Nusa Dua. This place does not have a shopping center that is dense. Instead of cottages stood around this place, paddy-rice, forests, and several fishing boats seen roam along the beach.

Since the 1970’s, tourists come from the region of Oceania and Europe. But many who have visited this island and change behavior, the environment and culture in Bali. People who come begin to know that quietness, aura and cultural heritage in Bali are already fading. To preserve this priceless treasure, ecotourism character Balinese culture practiced and maintained until today.

Here, inns Alila Manggis has contributed to the activities of “traveling to experience Bali”. Which is a mountain climbing tour the east, sit in a room in a small bamboo shades in between slopes. It was deliciously bitter tasting coffee from Java coffee beans, while eating pastries coconut as a sweetener, and looked at the color changes from green to blue plant on the slopes of Bali’s east coast to the farthest horizon.
Immediately after dish of coffee in the afternoon, the tour guides will show up on time and guide tourists roam the slopes, where visitors can learn the concept of irrigation systems Subak Bali ancestral intelligence work, and also learn how farmers grow crops of local organic tomatoes.

9. Het Pomphuis –  Antwerp Harbor, Netherlands

Het Pomphuis, Antwerp

One of the famous local coffee shops in Netherlands is Pomphuis Het, that is in one building-old beside Antwerp Harbor. A fusion of café, a dinner room, and wine bar converted from a home shipbuilders. His name is Het Pomphuis, located in the Netherlands. The building was made in 1918 and is home to most major pump at that time in Europe.

Het Pomphuis café just take a third part of the whole front of the pump house. The dining room from the VIP table extends to the dining room width at the deepest. The ceiling is made of glass that makes the sun can get in. The third pump iron has stood here for almost a hundred years; green wall color and some iron depending bricked phone. Although the pumps were never rumbled again, the spacious room depicts the stories behind the building with a solemn tone makes you sink slowly into the history of the past.

10. Unnamed Café – Stockholm

The name and identity is no longer meaningful. To run the  café, only Stockholm people will like it and leave work in order to present themselves to the world of coffee, madly pursuing a “personal dream”. Cafe nameless dock is located in Stockholm Moderna Museet and open only in the summer. When the ship repair workers always relax in the local coffee shops, the owner has deliberately chosen this place into a cafe without this name.

Basically, the nameless cafe is a leading ship winches another vessel toward the harbor. On the threshold of the door, there is a long wooden tavern (sloppy but really artistic); walk on it like being on a balance sheet, you can see the place serves coffee in the ocean. Cafe only has four tables beside the chimney, but a good place to sit and location make the customer feel comfortable with one another.

Unnamed café was very romantic! Madness and creativity led to the admiration of the people. There may be no other café anywhere in Stockholm like this, a place to find “personal dream” and broadening outlook on life.

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