Summer coffee drink recipes now is Autumn and Winter turn

Summer coffee drink recipes now is Autumn and Winter turn

Summer coffee drink recipes are turn into other weather recipes. Now he is there, the autumn and thus the cold days of the year have begun. Good that there are hot drinks to warm up. For me, the hot drink number one is, of course, a good cup of coffee. I am more of the purist and drink on cold days a cup of black coffee with a chocolate flavor. Even the one or the other coffee recipe I try at this time. In my acquaintance circle, many in the Christmas period also like to use automated coffee. Today it is about coffee enjoyment in autumn and winter.

When I left my comfortable warm bed this morning, the external thermometer showed the first time this autumn temperatures below the freezing point. As if it had not been bad enough, it was also wet and gloomy – a real rubbish weather old. I do not know how you are. I just have to look out of the window in such a weather, and I’m starting to freeze. Well, that our coffee is connected to a timer. Therefore, the coffee is always ready when we get out of bed. Au man, what a nice feeling to drink a nice sip of hot coffee during this autumn cold weather. How are you doing on such autumn days?

Autumn Orange

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Coffee for Christmas and Advent

Lets forget about Summer coffee drink recipes. now Christmas recipes time, which taste and smell after Christmas, will surely be back in fashion again this year. In my circle of acquaintances, many people swear by these coffees and drink different coffees to a delicious piece of stolen or biscuit. If I am honest, I must also admit that a Christmas spirit comes up so quickly. If it is still snowing, just perfect. There are, of course, advent calendars, which have a new coffee every day for relaxing.

But as I mentioned at the beginning, I myself am more of the purist. So I’m not really a big fan of automated coffee. But it is not my job to tell others what tastes. Very many people find these flavored coffees delicious. What is good about it: These coffees can be given super. So if even a small Weinachsgeschenk needs: I have here for you on the blog some coffee gift sets together, which, incidentally, not only fit in the autumn and winter seasons. Many also contain really good bean coffees for purists like myself.

Christmas aromas in coffee?

Especially during the winter season a lot of people like fragrances and flavors that warm the heart and soul. It is clear that many of them like to have some flavored coffees, which partly smell deliciously after nut, herbs, chocolate or caramel. All that you can easily find at the stroll over Christmas markets or even easier, you order it cheap at online shops like Amazon. But it does not really have to be a flavored coffee, in order to experience these taste and odor notes while enjoying coffee. If you thought that normal coffees can also offer these autumn and winter aromas and fragrances. Good coffees do this in a completely natural way, without the addition of extra aromas!
Although, the coffee drinkers, who buy their coffee in the supermarket, will not be able to experience it. Virtually all these coffees taste similar. This is also wanted by the manufacturers. So a coffee should always taste the same everywhere, so the consumer immediately knows I drink a coffee from the company XY. But whoever dares the way to one of the small roasters in Germany will quickly find that he has missed a lot.


Possibly here the coffee roaster will report the art of coffee production. For example, coffee should not be roasted too darkly for the traditional preparation, since otherwise many of the characteristic flavors are lost. Not every bean tastes the same. But on the contrary! Each coffee bean has its own characteristics. The art of the roaster is to combine these characteristics in such a way that a complete coffee is produced from it.

Fruity coffees: If you like it fruity fresh, you might like to try the coffees from Ethiopia. These usually have a very fruity note that can be reminiscent of Christmas citrus fruits or grapefruit. I had recently online shop Coffee Circle tested. This roaster has only such Ethiopian coffees on offer.

Nutty Coffee: Hardly anything fits better in the fall and winter time as the smell of fresh nuts. Also, these flavors can offer coffee. In the next few days, I will present some coffee from Central America. Central American coffees are known for their nutty fragrances.

Herbs / hay-like coffee: Who likes a certain herbaceous note, for the mixtures with coffees from Tanzania to know. Soon I will introduce delicious variations, which have a very interesting flavor.

Chocolaty coffee: I love chocolate coffee. Who like me, a trace of good chocolate in the aroma and aroma of his coffee should definitely try a good coffee from Colombia. These have partly a full-bodied chocolate flavor. I love these coffees. Of course, I will not let it take me over the time here in the blog different coffee varieties from Colombia to introduce.

Milk coffee for autumn and winter

Even if I am a purist in coffee, I sometimes love the possibility of mixing coffee with other ingredients. By this I mean not only the usual variants with espresso and milk froth. I like this so much that I the heading of this coffee recipes have set. Especially in the pre-Christmas period, I will introduce delicious coffee varieties with and without alcohol.


Coffee is not equal to coffee. There are varieties which spread the aroma and scent quite an autumnal and also Christmas mood. So if you are going to get down on the hustle and bustle, do not think of a cup of mulled wine. A good coffee from a small roasting mill really creates comfort and lifts the mood immensely.

As mentioned it was this morning in Bad Wildungen such a really grubby weather. I was cold and I felt uncomfortable. The first thing I did was to drink a good cup of coffee. I closed my eyes and took a good sip from the Colombian coffee, which filled my cup. Immediately I felt like I was on vacation in Kolubien. It was almost possible to feel warm sunrays on the skin. Sip for the sip I felt better. Ok, after the first cup I was still cold – but what does it mean to just have a second cup? There is hardly anything better than drinking a cup of coffee on such a cool autumn day.

So after this all, should be prepare Summer coffee drink recipes?

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