Spiced coffee – there are ways to spice up healthy coffee

Spiced coffee – there are ways to spice up healthy coffee

Spiced coffee – But do not worry, there are ways to spice up healthy coffee . Have you ever tried to drink coffee with cinnamon instead of sugar or butter instead of milk? If you’re not, and you want to try new and healthier ways of drinking coffee – get ready, because we will draw a few handy tricks with coffee!

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Cinnamon is well mixed with coffee, not only with mulled wine!


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In these cold days, cinnamon is one of the most used spices in food and drink. Apple pie, mulled wine, orange compote with cinnamon … so why not coffee? In addition to cinnamon very well mixed in various combinations and gives a fine fragrance all, its additional positive aspect is the ability to be a substitute for sugar in coffee!

If you like a sweeter coffee, but want to keep an eye on the calories, then this is the healthiest for you to enjoy coffee without adding sugar or artificial sweeteners. Not only will moderately sweeten coffee, cinnamon will not destroy completely the aroma of coffee or be dominant in the taste.

Are you still skeptical of this combination spiced coffee?

Then we have another message for you. Keep in mind that you will replace sugar with cinnamon “save” even 70 calories! Also, cinnamon will improve your digestion, reduce muscle stiffness, counteract inflammation and stimulate circulation!

Also, it will help in controlling the levels of sugar in the blood and improve the effect of antioxidants that strengthen the immune system in your body! And finally, if you drink coffee sweetened with cinnamon after a meal, be sure that you will not so soon feel hungry again because cinnamon slows the rate of gastric emptying after a meal.

Butter instead of milk to combat unwanted pounds.

Love fullness of flavor that gives milk or cream? We agree, really is fine soften your palate with that combination. However, we believe that you know how to milk and cream, as well as sugar, are not the healthiest foods with which you can enrich your coffee. If you do not hard to try different drinking coffee, then you should definitely try to replace the milk with butter!


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Plain butter or coconut oil are more than a great addition to the coffee!

In addition to what will give you the creamy taste of coffee, without the strong flavor, it can help with increasing energy and ultimately losing the occasional kilogram. This is a combination of pleasant and useful.

Adding coconut oil or butter in coffee innovation, which is your diet like this recipe seasoning coffee called ” bullet-proof ” diet. It is the introduction of greater amounts of low amounts of fat and carbohydrates are good not only guards against fatigue and a number of chronic diseases but also in the loss of excess weight. At the same time, it is advisable to remove the intake of carbohydrates such as sugar, bread or dough. Thus, the body fat as fuel used for the operation instead of carbohydrates.

Some even point out that this kind of drinking coffee good meal replacement because it provides energy. You feel fuller and with it the burn. Well, not experts in weight loss, but coffee lovers, so if you choose to complement your coffee with butter or coconut oil instead of milk, but you will certainly do a lot for your health!

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