Perfect iced coffee or hot coffee, Your choice ?

Perfect iced coffee or hot coffee, Your choice? 

Perfect iced coffee, was it your favorite? You must have heard how cold coffee perfect for a nice tan and warm coffee has a much better flavor. The battle between which of this coffee is better for health is the almost eternal theme, but this warm summer weather is certainly supported by the cold coffee. So you’re at a place we bring all the secrets that hide the hot and Perfect iced coffee, and up to you to choose the winner!

Iced coffee

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Hot coffee

Many true favorite considered as a kind of coffee just does not go with cold milk. For example, espresso with cold milk compared with drinking warm water during the hot summer months – it just does not go together.

Hot coffee is not the best solution in combination with the summer and increased perspiration. This is due to several important impacts. First of all, coffee initially raises blood pressure, but after that short-term impact, the pressure starts to drop sharply. If this happens during a stay at high temperatures, it can cause dizziness or nausea.

In addition, the possible dehydration of the body. This occurs so that coffee speeds up the whole system in the body, but the pulse is stronger and encourages the excretion of fluids from the body. This is just one reason why we in the cafes along the ordered coffee always yield one cup of water.

Therefore, it is necessary to replace the fluid that we lost by entering the coffee. When it re-combines with hot summer days, dehydration, among other things can dry out the skin and further harm her (wrinkle) due to sun exposure.

So it’s hot coffee in summer months might be better replaced with something refreshing chilled drinks or a cup of coffee be sure to consume at least one glass of water.

Hot coffee perfect for cold winter days

Unlike the summer and spring, during autumn and winter hot coffee over tea the most common variety of drinks. It gives us energy and keeps us heated, and many are prepared with a variety of other spices such as peppermint, ginger or in combination with alcohol. It often is added to the cream, and interesting information that just coffee with cream stays warm as much as 20% longer.
Regardless of the season and temperature, it is important to note that drinking coffee on an empty stomach should not be an everyday practice. Whether it’s warm or cold coffee, it irritates the gastric mucosa which can lead to nausea and similar side effects.

What is common with hot coffee and social psychology? 

According to experimental research at the University of Colorado Boulder, holding the hot cups of coffee, unconsciously present “warmer side of himself,” and look more open, comfortable and friendly.

In this study, individuals were divided into two groups. One group was holding a hot drink in their hands, while another group of individuals was without coffee and should have approached individuals in the first group. After introductions, the results were astounding. According to the perception of those who did not have coffee, “evaluate” the character of those who keep coffee as a friendly, cozy and warm.

Hot coffee and chemistry?

Coffee beans contain various oils, acids, and other aromatic molecules that contribute to the flavor of the beverage. In order to maximize aroma of coffee beans is necessary to pay attention to several things such as, among others, and the water temperature.

The optimum water temperature is between 90 and 96 C degrees. Mixing coffee and this temperature are preparing to drink full of flavor and aroma. As the water is above or below the specified temperature, get that rich and full flavor of the coffee aroma that contains. Explained or is lost on the quality of taste. So if you want to drink coffee and to fully enjoy its taste, preference will be given a warm cup of coffee over hot coffee.

In contrast, when such a well-prepared coffee stands for a while, then gets the sour taste. This is because the grains of coffee oils oxidize. In addition, acid undergoing the process of degradation and therefore the taste of coffee becomes bitter at the same time.

Perfect iced coffee

Although the hot coffee is known since time immemorial, many who can safely talk about the history of Perfect iced coffee. There are many versions of its findings. Some argue that it has become popular in 1960- there, while some point out that the history of cold coffee reaches even in 1600. year, and that for this deserving Peruvians. They were later presented to the Dutch cold coffee that as the world’s traders word spread eastward to Japan and Indonesia.

Today, Perfect iced coffee has become one of the most popular drinks in the summer months. It only adds cold milk, some ice cubes or coffee mix with cold water, the proper way of preparing this cold drink is that it is cooked twice! Why? During the second cooking, coffee gets the stronger flavor.

This is what contributes to its higher price. Cold coffee is usually served in much larger quantities than hot coffee. Also, iced coffee can last even two to three days in the refrigerator without losing their rights properties!

In addition, cold coffee frees as much as 67% less acid, because it does not pass the process of heating. But also, contains a much smaller amount of caffeine of hot coffee, and to as much as 20%! The main reason is the large quantities of water or adds ice that diluted coffee. Therefore, in this case, the recommended cooking something stronger coffee, in order to maintain its performance in providing energy.

Perfect iced coffee in the mission of beauty

Certainly every woman of known for the healing properties of coffee. Whether it is about cellulite, peeling skin, a series of recipes for beauty, which includes coffee!

Cold coffee contains more water and not hot, which in combination with caffeine a great effect on the skin. Caffeine strengthens and protects the skin from drying out, and the water is hydrated.

For example, to refresh and revitalize the skin of the face. Frozen coffee can be shredded and then massaged into the face. If we add another lemon, you get an even better combination of refreshment and cleansing.

Credit for bringing large quantities of sugar and carbohydrates in the body belong just cold coffee! Therefore, many recommend that after you drink cold coffee and ran immediately to the gym or skip dinner. Why? You’ve just entered through it quite a few calories – even over 500 calories! Which is twice more than regular hot coffee with which you start the day.
Cold coffee serves to stimulate digestion and facilitates fat loss. Cold coffee including instant drinks can be very unhealthy. Except us cool in the hot summer months, do not have other positive effects.

Therefore, when consuming cold coffee, should avoid additional flavorings such as cream or different flavoring syrups.

In the end, it’s good to know …

To avoid the aforementioned negative effects of cold coffee, we bring you a few ways of making that you can prepare at home!

The basic process, according to the Toddy system, is that ground coffee mix with cold water and let it sit for 12 hours in the refrigerator. After that, strain the mixture and drink. Given the fact that the cold coffee because of its chemical properties, but better than hot coffee, you probably will not need sugar.

Another method for the preparation of a cold coffee maker to make a cup as usual.  If you like sweetened coffee, add sugar when cooking. When cooked, leave the coffee in the glass container to cool to room temperature. Then move it to the refrigerator and allow to cool further. And for the real iced coffee, you can add a few ice cubes.

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