Non bitter coffee as psychopaths drink – Black coffee

Non bitter coffee – psychopaths drink – black coffee

Non bitter coffee

If you like black coffee or Non bitter coffee, maybe you are someone who loves strong flavors, someone who takes care of your health or you believe that this is the correct way you should drink coffee. Or maybe – a psychopath.

study  Non bitter coffee

A new study published in the journal Appetite found a correlation between the love of black coffee and sadistic or psychopathic tendencies.

Double Long Espresso

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The study included more than 1,000 adults. Therefore maybe people who were asked to express their preferences with a variety of flavors. Participants have then conducted a series of tests that assessed the personality traits antisocial personality, like sadism, narcissism, and psychopathy.

The study conducted by researchers at the University of Innsbruck has shown that the tendency bitter taste associate. Therefore to enjoy the infliction of moderate levels of pain on others.


In research on 500 men and women conducted by Austrian scientists from the University of Innsbruck. The process led by Professor Christina Sagioglu. Participants were offered a list of foods. Food with the same number of sweet, salty, sour and bitter foods.

They were asked about their opinion on the offered food. Among were the chocolate cake, bacon, vinegar, and radish. Well, not only black coffee for alarm. Seems like the study also showed that participants prefer celery tonic. As a result are more likely to exhibit antisocial traits.

Taste and personality

This is not the first time that a study found a link between taste and personality. Previous studies have shown that the sweet taste experiences increase the “competence” and the desire to help.  The bitter delicious experience increased hostility and causes severe moral judgment.

The findings in the Journal Appetite showed that “people who prefer more bitter food and drinks were more likely Machiavellism, psychopathy, narcissism and sadism”, a cooperative, empathetic. Most of all Some bitter foods and beverages were inclined by some people. How about your choice?


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