Non acidic coffee – Pros and cons of coffee

Non acidic coffee – Pros and cons of coffee

non acidic coffee – For decades, the joust over whether coffee for us good. While the us many experts advise that during the detoxification skip, in all other days. This Brings more benefits than harm – provided that the good suffer


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Average – two to three cups

Is coffee good for our health or our considered, should we drink and in what quantity? Most of those who have coffee practiced exclusively as food, not as a social phenomenon agree that our one to three cups of coffee a day even used.

As noted master of nutrition from nutritional counseling , coffee is a very complex drink that consists of hundreds of different substances, of which the most caffeine. Average daily consumer enters 280 milligrams of caffeine, equivalent to that contained in two to three cups of coffee. “Excessive intake of coffee can cause symptoms of physiological and psychological dependence once coffee abruptly stop consuming,” says nutritionist.

Effects on blood pressure

“For most people, one to three cups of coffee a day are completely harmless, but excessive consumption can cause heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety and trembling hands. The consumption of coffee is often associated with the risk of increased blood pressure, but the latest research suggests that moderate consumption of coffee, even during a period of thirty years, has very little effect on hypertension or no. It is particularly interesting that coffee intake may reduce the risk of gallstones.

Non acidic coffee  –  important source of antioxidant

Coffee is also an important source of antioxidants, and it is shown to be effective in the prevention of certain malignancies, such as colon cancer. The main antioxidant properties of coffee-attributed to acid. This is also found in fruits, especially apples, “says nutritionist that alone, he says, one drink per day, a maximum of two cups of coffee – espresso with a little cold milk and half a teaspoon of sugar. Never, of course, on an empty stomach!

Non acidic coffee

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Caffeine – a diuretic and mild laxative non acidic coffee

The main ingredient of coffee around which the joust, caffeine is a mild stimulant present in. It’s interesting, nuts, berries and leaves of some plants. How have shown some research, most people will endure well and four to five coffee a day. But you can drink less, no more than two cups, not only that no risk will not be but are possible and various welfare coffee. A study conducted in 2003 at Harvard University found that people who drink coffee in moderation reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30 percent because it boosts the secretion of hormones of the pancreas – insulin.

coffee – non acidic coffee

Caffeine boosts memory because it affects the brain receptors
Caffeine acts as a diuretic and mild laxative. It prevents the formation of kidney stones, stimulates the heart and stomach acid. As this is a psychoactive substance, stimulates thought processes and makes it easier to remember. It improves concentration and reflexes and the ability to repeat certain actions without boredom. This means that the coffee break in long driving certainly make sense.

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