Moka pot coffee – Moka coffee machines

Moka pot coffee – Moka coffee machines

Moka pot coffee Since 1933’s, Moka coffee machines design practice has not changed. They can not be confused with any other coffee-making device. Wonderful flavors, especially potent drink ready for Moka coffee maker, delighting the world today in the same way as 80 years ago 🙂

Credits: Iyhon Chiu/Flickr

The special method of preparation Knows?

A simple operating principle. No electricity, so a cup of coffee, you can prepare practically everywhere.

The ability to prepare sufficiently intense flavor of espresso. Unlike Chemex – Moka coffee maker is designed to produce a few bright flavors of coffee.

Unnecessary expensive equipment. Really good quality Moka jug can be purchased for 30 – 50 euros. (If you have a home induction cooker – be sure to check whether purchased coffee pot for her!)
Each coffee preparation becomes a kind of ritual. After preparing a cup with all Moka coffee house new, breathtaking 🙂

In all the steps correctly, practically impossible to burn the coffee. Due to its operating principle, this coffee maker a kind of protection even beginners from coffee “scorched”.

How to prepare the drink.

We will need:

  • Moka coffee makers (pretty obvious …)
  • Ground coffee or coffee beans and coffee grinders
  • Favorite cup (s) from which the drink tastier 🙂
  • Clean water

Process using Moka pot coffee:

1. Routines. We weigh the desired coffee. One cup will use ~ 20 grams more than the preparation of espresso, then I will explain why. The grind like grit, as well as preparing espresso (detail).

2. Filled the water tank (bottom) with cold water, to below the coffee filter (Part Two) valve.

3. We fill the filter with coffee. Nesuspaudžiame coffee, do not use any mortar. Coffee has gradually “fall apart”, you can distribute it gently with your finger. ISTAT filter into the lower vessel with water.

4. It is put on top and press it firmly part of a hub ready to drink.

5. Buildings coffee maker on the stove, set low heat. After some time (depending on the amount of water) through the upper flap should start to run coffee.

6. When we see that through the flap runny coffee began to “bubble” – coffee machine removed from the stove. The lower part will remain about one-third of the water, so at the very beginning, I said that the need to put a little more coffee than usual in the preparation of espresso.

Drink 🙂 ready to pour the coffee into a cup and enjoy your favorite;)

Moka coffee maker is the perfect coffee-making tool, wanting a distinctive ritual at home. If you like to start the morning with a double espresso without sugar, you like an intense coffee flavor and a strong aftertaste, this coffee maker can become your favorite coffee-making tool 🙂 If you still do not own a coffee maker, but you would like to purchase their range have a few suggestions 🙂 Here you will find manufacturer Bialetti coffee makers, which I spoke about at the beginning.


Moka coffee maker prepared his drink is closest to a normal espresso drink. In similar filters using the coffee maker pays to prepare perhaps the strongest and saturation coffee. Another uniqueness of the coffee machines – for the preparation of the drink will have a thicker, denser foam ( crema ).

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