Macchiato iced is one of the favorite between all coffee

Macchiato iced is one of the favorites between all coffee  

Macchiato iced is favorite for coffee lovers. When summer comes this is one of the best sellers in the coffee shop.  Even the biggest coffee drinkers can often be sitting in a cafe, they found a dilemma: what’s what? Espresso, macchiato, lungo, latte, how much to drink coffee there, and how much milk does not froth or … Next time you hesitate, take a look at this brief guide to the most common drink coffee …

There are some kinds of coffee like we know for all this time.

Espresso/coffee lungo

Espresso is traditionally served in a porcelain cup filled halfway. Buddha by about 30 ml, and a good espresso will recognize and giving structure above (baristas to call the “cream” of the law is to make the art). If you need an extra caffeine boost, looking for a ” double shot ” of espresso. These are actually two in one cup of espresso. And if you want longer enjoy the coffee and does not want to give up a taste of espresso, then order a long coffee , which has a little more water. Some call it the coffee lungo .


Ristretto a short espresso. It is served in a 1/4 cup. Coffee drinkers prefer it because of the very pronounced aroma and rich taste. Convenient for morning coffee “quickie”.

Ristretto Crema

Credits :  Lameen Abdul-Malik/Flickr

Macchiato or macchiato iced

If you like some milk in your espresso, it is the right choice for you macchiato or macchiato iced  . This is actually espresso to which was added a few drops of milk and a little of the milk foam. Cappuccino , on the other hand , s a combination which makes 1/3 coffee, 1/3 hot milk and 1/3 is a combination of milk and milk foam.

Iced Macchiato.

Credits :  Kevin Lessy/Flickr

Latte machiatto

For those who lack Grandma’s “latte,” latte machiatto is the right choice. This drink is prepared as in 2 dl warm milk added 30ml espresso coffee. Finally, flour coffee, which is virtually one large cappuccino with chocolate added.


In addition to these, there are many other combinations (eg. Affogato, where the espresso poured out over the balls of vanilla ice cream), but these are the ones most often. Pleasant!


Credits  :   etherealprey/Flickr

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