Low acid coffee – SOUR COFFEE – BAD COFFEE?

Low acid coffee  SOUR COFFEE – BAD COFFEE?

Low acid coffee is a problem? However, during the same year, it came with a little knowledge of why that determines the taste is not always to be avoided or fear. Sometimes, maybe even worth the search.

As in the past few years, coffee store had to sell a kilogram of the next coffee beans to you. Often in and out of their mouth (or face) “hear” – do not let that your suggested/bestowed coffee will be sour … And This will not lie, of having purchased it appeared more acidic than I imagined – however different and subjective one’s tastes.


Credits: Giuliano Griffante/Flickr

Acidity Vs. sourness.

Acidity – This is characteristic of the coffee and its rate depends on various elements (growth in height, the treatment process, roasting). Meanwhile, sourness is a semi-rush or industrial broker who “rolled out” in order to have more raw materials for toasting, and beans from the coffee plants tending semi-green, etc. So the second element and not write, because this is “fe”, which turns the stomach.

the acidity of coffee is a good feature coffee-471166_640 and appreciated by both high and low acidity coffee. Just maybe that was not properly prepared and tasted “writes off” the whole? If you do to court again to show the tongue, that is the pleasant and determines the taste of coffee, can drop both to us and to any manufacture, for example. to our friends Tastemap. Maybe even surprised, because often determines the taste and aftertaste brings fruit elements. If you visit them fail, simply look on coffee from Africa.

low acid coffee

Credit : John Umberto/Flickr

How better to choose low acid coffee, if they are looking at the grocery store shelf? Let’s talk three simple ways:

  • You can choose just naturally lower acidity in coffee (eg. From Brazil, Sumatra, the Indian regions)
  • Also, decreasing the acidity of the coffee roasting darker, so if you decide to dark or very dark roasting coffee, the tongue should never fall.
  • However, if you would wish to find not only good coffee, but also hear interesting stories about it. This will be our knowledge about coffee and low acid coffee.

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