Low acid coffee beans – daily dose of caffeine

Low acid coffee beans

Low acid coffee beans – The daily dose of caffeine is anti-inflammatory and is very useful in the prevention of many chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, …).

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In a new study published in Nature Medicine, scientists have shown that older adults with low levels of inflammation have something in common: all consume caffeine. Researchers have indeed found a link between aging, systemic inflammation, and cardiovascular disease, natural caffeine! Chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems are part of a similar inflammatory phenomenon.


In the cited study

The researchers analyzed blood samples from 100 young respondents between 20 and 30 years of age and seniors over 60 years, as well as health information family history. The researchers looked at which genes affect more inflammation in older people. In particular, they have focused on two groups of genes whose activity is associated with the production of strong inflammatory protein. How about the protein and coffee connecting with the acid in coffee.

Results of the study revealed a connection initial inflammatory mechanism of human aging and chronic diseases that accompany it. In the elderly genes responsible for inflammation were more active than in younger people, which is not surprising. Since the aging associated with increased inflammation throughout the body. What are these genes are active, the greater the likelihood that a person will suffer from hypertension and atherosclerosis? However, all older people have expressed inflammation. According to the research, it depends on their amount of caffeine consumption.

More caffeine, less inflammation

People who consumed the most caffeine really are protected from inflammation. Participants who consumed more than 5 cups of coffee a day have extremely low levels of inflammation. Clearly, show the results. “Caffeine inhibits the inflammatory pathways,” the researchers say. The study shows that the metabolites of nucleic acids, which are an integral part of our genes, circulate in the blood and can cause inflammation. Caffeine and its metabolites can counteract the action of metabolites of nucleic acid.

Coffee Beans

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“The goal is not to prevent all inflammation,” the researchers said. Inflammation is necessary for the functioning of the immune system. Inflammatory processes are used to fight infections and eliminate potential toxic compounds. However, with aging this process does not work as well as in a young body. This would be interesting to find out when the inflammatory response out of control.

This is exactly what the researchers want to determine in a future study. Identify high-risk persons with inflammation causes chronic disease.

Sources of caffeine – low acid coffee beans

The nature of caffeine found in coffee, tea, and to a lesser extent cocoa. The primary source of caffeine is the coffee bean. The content of caffeine depends on the type of coffee. Coffee Arabica has much less caffeine than coffee Robust. It is very useful to people who caffeine generates anxiety and poor concentration. Very healthy and cheap alternative to the black and green tea.


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