London Robusta Coffee – One Of The Famous Drinks Robusta

The lower requirements for growing and harvesting make the Robusta variety to the “cheaper” Bean, which has, unfortunately, get by using cheaper in coffee have a bad reputation in terms of quality. London Robusta Coffee becomes part of it. This reputation is unjustified – just as there is Arabica beans lower quality robusta beans very high quality can convince definitely. Especially the Italian espresso blends that have (high quality) Robusta usually a significant proportion, are a good example.


London coffee

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London Robusta Coffee 

Characteristic : 

– Deeper layers (0-700m)
– More resistant to diseases, heat and humidity.
– Faster maturity (9 months)

caffeine content
– High: 1.7 to 3.5%

– Small, round, straight notch

– Tang with full body and pronounced earthy notes. Usually, robusta is more bitter than Arabica.

Robusta is actually just one of several subspecies of Coffea canephora, although often each Canephora called “Robusta”. Unlike his sister Coffea, Arabica Canephora has twice as much caffeine content and taste earthy. Above all, it is growing at lower altitudes, is profitable and provide “robust”. So if you want fast and cheap to produce coffee, it is best to Canephora / Robusta. Poor-picked and processed carelessly he lands in instant coffee, chocolate or some cheap coffee blends.

Why should you try a London Robusta Coffee?

Quite simply manipulated ‘Just imagine, you go with this plant and its fruit to like with an excellent Arabica infected, all the care and attention to detail in the cultivation, harvesting, sorting and packaging of a Coffea canephora. This would require to already be a bit crazy. The reputation of Robusta has, you have to make some persuasion for such coffee.

Why this effort for a Robusta drive? Because you do not get that special taste of an Arabica. The exciting thing about a good Canephora is the development of truly long-lasting aftertaste. Let you not put off by the significantly harsher flavor – as always when there is something new, the palate was only allowed to get used to it. Finally, might look like ‘normal’ coffee, but the taste is just a little different! Is this distinction once accepted, he wins with every sip at the cup and is always exciting during cooling. Aromas of nougat, cognac, and a caramel-like sweetness evolve – and let your taste buds will not soon get rid of!

A little warning for caffeine-sensitive:
– Please, this coffee not blindly tumble down. It contains much more caffeine than all our other coffees. Since it takes a while, starts to act up caffeine, please try starting out even if a cup is not enough.


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