Lintong Coffee – Special Arabica Coffee from Indonesia

Lintong coffee is one type of coffee which is quite popular in Indonesia.  Indonesia is known as one of the countries that have a few different types of coffee that quite interesting the world. One of them is a kind of civet coffee has become one of the leading products of coffee from Indonesia. We can see the different types of coffee that also has been known mainly in the area of Lintong Nihuta, North Tapanuli region. This type of coffee is the Arabica coffee products.

Lintong coffee is known to have a taste of that thick but still soft. Also have special fragrant aroma. This Coffee is also known to have a distinctive sour taste.

Coffee beans at Lintong Nihuta

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History of Lintong Coffee

There is an interesting history that is behind this one Lintong types of coffee. This type of coffee was imported by the VOC in 1750. After being able to drink coffee beverage type one is known to have a sour taste that looks excessive. We can mix different types of coffee Robusta in order to reduce the acid taste in this one type of coffee. Lintong coffee is also known as one of the best coffee. It’s also recognized by the world.

And for those who are interested to buy Lintong coffee, we don’t need to come all the way to Sumatra. We can buy it at one of the cafes in Jakarta. Lintong coffee flavor of the type known by the world. If the view of the development of the coffee industry in Indonesia, we can see the positive side of the coffee industry. The coffee industry can assist the government in a mission to reduce unemployment.

We can see how the coffee industry in the country will be able to provide a sufficiently attractive business opportunity for those interested to be able to market the best coffee in their respective regions. Coffee drinks can also be enjoyed, especially from various backgrounds and various professions. We can see coffee drinks have been available from the stalls to five star hotels.What’s interesting about the type of coffee itself is the processing and presentation of the different coffee.


This makes the taste of the type of coffee has a unique flavor. It is can give us a lot of options will be a whole range of flavors of coffee. We can try several different types of coffee.


One of them is the kind of Lintong coffee. Coffee It also has attracted the attention of several countries that there is such as Holland, Germany, Russia, and America. Some Asian countries such as Japan and Korea also showed an interest in this kind of coffee. Lintong coffee has a pretty good quality.


Types of coffee plants have been introduced since 1888. The first time this kind of coffee is grown in the hill area of Lake Toba. In 1988, This Lintong types of coffee has to be one of the flagship products of North Sumatra. It’s been able to add a variant of other types of coffee such as coffee and coffee Sidikalang Mandailings.

This coffee can become a reference for coffee lovers who want to be able to enjoy different types of coffee on this one. We as the people of the Indonesian nation would be proud of the kind of coffee as part of Lintong coffee products from Indonesia.

Dolok Sanggul, Lake Toba, Sumatra

credits : sweetmarias/Flickr

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