Latte macchiato recipe for Our Beloved

Latte macchiato recipe 

Latte macchiato recipe  is ready. The coffee specialty from espresso, hot milk, and milk froth is the hit in cafés and coffee shops. So that you can also enjoy at home, here you will find tips on how to make the perfect latte macchiato.

Macchiato and Latte Love

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Latte Macchiato comes from Italy and is translated as “speckled milk”. The largest part of a latte macchiato recipe consists of hot and frothy milk. For a latte macchiato glass, 150 to 200 ml of milk are used. Add to this a freshly brewed espresso (25 – 30 ml). So that the milk froth for the Latte Macchiato is beautifully stable and at the same time beautifully creamy, two things have to be considered in making latte macchiato recipe  :

Glass of Milk | Day 117/365

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√ The higher the fat content of milk , the denser and creamier the foam and the most full-bodied taste it. Try to choose the foam you prefer: with low-fat milk (1.5 percent fat content) or with whole milk (3.5 percent fat content).

√ The milk should be hot between 60 and 70 degrees because then it is best to foam and tastes best.

Now there are different methods of milk froth :

Home espresso machine with steam nozzle has that milk may foam hereby. Cold milk comes in a stainless steel jug. The steam tap is then dipped deep into the milk and the valve is turned up quickly. The high pressure of the hot water vapor produces creamy milk froth. There are now many different espresso machines and coffee makers. Before you buy a device, you should have a specialist dealer show you how to use all functions, such as the steam nozzle or other milk frothing functions, to achieve an optimal result.

breville milk frothing

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Delicious milk froth can also be prepared without a fully automatic coffee machine. There are, for example, electric milk frother , in which you have to complete only the milk. As soon as the milk foam is ready, the appliance switches off by itself. Or take frother metal perforated inserts . Here, you can fill the milk, heat it on the hearth (60 to 70 degrees) and then move the sieve vigorously up and down. Or take a milk frother with a glass sieve insert: fill milk, heat it in the microwave, and also froze up and down the sieve.

For great milk froth also provide small milk frother with battery operation : The milk is heated in a small pot. Again, make sure that it does not get too hot. The milk can then be formed in the pot or in the latte macchiato glass.

There is also milk frother that works without electricity and batteries. They look like a little snow back. The warm milk comes into a high vessel for this. Place the milk frother on the ground and then move up and down quickly and evenly.


The special feature of Espresso is its preparation method: By the finely ground espresso powder is hot compressed water pressed. Here, only solve the great-tasting flavors, which the espresso versus filter coffee milder and more digestible makes.

The coffee varieties Arabica and Robusta are used for espresso. Robusta has a stronger flavor. Besides the variety also cultivation area, mixture and roasting have effects on taste. For the selection of espresso beans applies the fresher and quality, the more flavor . Therefore, it is also worthwhile to grind the beans themselves. It is best to buy small quantities of freshly roasted beans for espresso. In a coffee grinder, you can grind exactly the portion of beans you want to prepare. For espresso, the beans are ground very finely. If you have an espresso machine or coffee machine, prepare the espresso according to the instructions.


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For those who do not have a machine: There is the classic espresso maker for the kitchen in different sizes, which is easy to use and consists of three parts. In the lower part, the boiler, fill in water, maximum up to the safety valve. Then insert the funnel insert with the sieve. The espresso powder is loosely inserted into the sieve – do not press the powder. Then screw the upper can part firmly. Place the espresso machine on a hot plate. The heat creates pressure that presses the hot water from the bottom to the top and through the espresso powder. As soon as all the liquid has arrived in the upper jug, the espresso is ready.



Bottom milk, in the middle espresso and top milk froth. Thus, the typical layers of iced caramel macchiato recipe teach to arise, enter only the freshly prepared milk foam in a latte glass until the glass is filled 3/4. Then carefully and slowly pour a portion of espresso (25 – 30 ml) into the milk. If you like it, take a double espresso. The espresso is then collected in the middle. At the bottom remains the liquid milk and on top crowns a thick layer of milk foam the drink. If there is still milk froth and still place in the glass, you can carefully spread the remaining foam with a spoon on top.



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