Italian Espresso – The Real Original Italian Espresso

Italian Espresso existence begins In 1857 where the first espresso machine in Italy when there was the major exhibition in Brescia. Here began the great spread of Espresso, which in 1900 has become one of the biggest symbols of Italy in the world. For many, Italian Espresso the best way to prepare coffee on. Application of pressure in the coffee machine amplifies all the organoleptic characteristics contained in the coffee beans, resulting in a rich and powerful aromatic experience: five sips of luck, like in a concentration of taste that awakens the senses and makes your life better.

We all know the sound of the coffee that is poured a cup, the delightful scent when it is brewed, and the warmth of the cup in his hands a cold morning. Coffee drinking is and remains a pleasant, not to mention social trend. And it consumed in large quantities in this country.

The perfect Italian Espresso does not exist; what we call “the perfect Espresso” is a very fine balance with all the different elements, located midway between science and art. However, there is a rule that defines the real Italian Espresso, namely the rule of the 4 M’s.

The real Italian Espresso rule of the 4 M’s :

  1. Miscela (mixture)
  2. Macchina (Espresso Machine)
  3. Macinadosatore (coffee grinder)
  4. Mano (Hand)

These four elements are essential: the real Italian Espresso prepared by use of a good coffee blend (miscela), worked with a qualified espresso machine (machine) and a qualified coffee grinder (macinadosatore).  Italian Espresso is made by a qualified and experienced barista (mano).

Italian Coffee

credits : Klaus Jessen/Flickr

There are also some technical parameters for preparing an Italian Espresso:

To use 7 grams of ground coffee; water temperature in the espresso machine should be between 88-94 ° depending on the type of mixture to use. Water must be forced through the coffee with 9 bars for about 25 seconds. coffee should be served at a temperature of about 67 ° in the cup. Our perfect Italian Espresso should have a foam with creamy color as hazelnut, and a thickness of 3-4 mm. plump and  long aftertaste in the mouth and a finely balanced aroma is the result.

The parameters for the original Italian espresso

Italian espresso is created with precise parameters for sure. If we want to get an excellent Italian espresso, we should consider 43 different elements. The espresso should be drunk within 1o seconds! Why? What is actually espresso? It is a foam which rapidly falls. If you do not drink it immediately becomes as easy, silk chiffon.

The most important of these parameters such as :

  • Checking The amount of milled coffee before you start all the process. The form of ground particles is taking part. Check the Size of ground particles with The bandwidth of the filter. The water quality is important same like the Cleanliness appliances.  The Humidity filter is frequent must clean after using. Remember the water pressure, water temperature also the Weather filtration also includes the parameters for making original Italian Espresso.

saturday coffee . . . italian style

credits : EG documentary/Flickr

Processing to  make Italian Coffee as follows:

  1. The exact dosage for the amount of coffee. Use 6.5 to 7.0 g of coffee for one cup.
  2. Coffee appropriate grind in a good mill and immediately press the filter manually press force of 15-20 kg. Knives to the mill change after every 150-200 kg of milled coffee.
  3. The ideal water temperature should move from 88 to 92 ° C.
  4. Adjust the water pressure in the apparatus at 9 bars.
  5. Water through the filter misses 25-30 seconds.
  6. The amount of coffee produced should match the volume of 25-30 cm
  7. Use dry porcelain cups with white walls, heated to 40 ° C.

Espresso must have the smell of freshly roasted coffee, which is very demanding because it requires perfect control over every step of preparation (of clean equipment until the mineral content in the water). The water should be about 150 ppm. Precisely milled mixture of African, Indian and Brazilian coffee roasted on the north – the Italian way. Coffee schedules so that the water flows evenly through it. Then he squeezed that pressurized water provides uniform resistance. Even pressure water creates a perfect foam, so-called. cream. For an espresso need 25-28 seconds to be perfect.

As for milk, Italians have a lot of rules (of them will write another time). What is Umut by 15% to get a very thick foam to create beautiful designs, and for that they are the real experts? Skillful hand of milk and espresso machine work of art. At the end, add dots, like the “i” to form a beautiful pattern.

While you drink coffee like this, as if you drink liquid menčmelou. Dense and rich, beautiful. Even not bitter not to double latte (milk).

BEST Italian Coffee

credits : Marco Pistoia/Flickr


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