Italian Coffee – Caffè! How To Brew The Real Italian Coffee

Italian coffee? Who doesn’t know this coffee? Espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, but Everyone knows Italian coffee. Of all the world’s ways of brewing coffee watching the Italian to have won big. Thus, even in our little home where my coffee filters, piston and thermos long since been tilted by the pin for small espresso cups and our favorite coffee brewer, or ‘Caffettiera “, a Moka Express by Bialetti.

On holiday in Italy should not forget to drink at least one cup of Italian coffee at the local café. Although coffee is not grown in Italy, it will be imported here in large quantities and worked in small roasters. The Italians drink coffee just a few minutes, 2-3 sips. In the morning they drink rather a cappuccino or latte with sweet croissant, during the day they drink anytime the regular espresso – and even until the late evening hours.


Italian coffee


The classic octagonal Moka express is the most common coffee maker in Italian homes and brewing strong Italian coffee consumed in small cups, like the espresso you can get on Italian coffee bars.  Moka express is space-saving and inexpensive compared to the electric espresso machines, and if you use the jug true brew it a ‘caffè’, which can easily compare with it, you can brew at the expensive machines.

Here’s the recipe for how to brew good coffee on a Moka express. Follow it carefully to get an Italian coffee with just the right taste.

Italian coffee
        Mokakanden / Moka express 

Moka express


Italian Coffee – How to do it?

Choose the right coffee. The best is if you can grind your coffee beans, but if not, use coffee specifically designed for Moka express. We usually use coffee Lavazza, which both have coffee intended for mocha and espresso machines.

Moka express consists of three parts. The lower water tank, in the center, the filter is to be coffee, and the top is screwed on. Here rises the coffee up when it’s ready.

Use fresh cold tap water to fill in the lower part. Some Italians are using spring water from bottles and believes that it makes the coffee better. We do not use, but you could try and taste, whether you think it makes a difference. Fill water up to just below the center of the valve, as you can see inside the container.

Replace the filter in and fill it with coffee – without pushing! Distribute the coffee carefully with a spoon so that it is evenly and fill until there is a small peak in the middle. Remove coffee around the edge of the filter with a finger and screw the cap on tightly.

Set Moka express on the stove on low heat. Wait patiently for your coffee slowly rises up and smell the flowers. When the upper container is almost completely full of freshly brewed coffee, it starts to ‘crackle’. Then immediately turn the burner to prevent the coffee tastes burnt.

Stir in the coffee before serving so that the first strong coffee mixed with the milder coffee, which comes at the end.

Serve in small espresso cups.

Tips for a creamy coffee

Here’s a tip on how you can make a creamy coffee with sugar that resembles the creamy espresso :

Pour half to two teaspoons of sugar for each coffee, you have to serve, up in a small glass. Keep track of when the coffee starts rising in moka express. When the first drops come out, pour them instantly over the sugar before you put the pot back on the burner. Only the first few drops of creamy. Use a spoon to stir rapidly and sharply around in the sugar until it has become a light brown foam mass.

Spread the sugar mixture into the cups, pour the finished coffee over and stir.

Voilá – a little sweet and creamy caffè.

More tips

  • A Moka express should be maintained preferably daily because it will be used to brew great coffee. A Moka express is not rare in the heritage.
  • Never wash Moka express with soap, but use lukewarm water and hands to clean it.
  • Before taking a new Moka express for the first time, you need to brew coffee on at least 5 times and discard it before you can drink your first caffè.
  • Periodically change the rubber ring inserted in the upper part of Moka express.
  • Buy multiple Moka express in different sizes, so you’re not wasting coffee by making for Storen pitcher if you are just yourself.
    Coffee as you like it

We usually drink coffee with a half teaspoon of sugar in small cups. But you can also use a Moka express to make your own favorite coffee. With milk, the foam becomes a cappuccino, hot milk one latte or hot water an americano, which looks more like the coffee consumed in Denmark.

How do you prefer your coffee ?
Do you also use Moka express, or you might have a place that is gathering dust, and you should take to revive?


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