Irish cream coffee

Irish cream coffee – Irish coffee 

Irish cream coffee – We left one known coffee … or maybe a cocktail ! Whatever you call it, this drink is perfect for cold winter days. It was such a one day in the 1940s a group of Americans lost their flight to Newfoundland.

While the tired standing in the cold, they were thinking about the drink that would have brought energy and warmed them. At that instant there was found a person, which they poured a little whiskey in their coffee. When asked Americans what kind of coffee, Joe told them that it’s called an Irish coffee. The Americans immediately upon his return spread the word about this cocktail coffee, which was not long after that the first releases cafes in San Francisco. Today, Irish coffee has even its national day in Ireland – 25th January!

Irish coffee

Credits :  Susanne Nilsson/Flickr

If you decide to make a real Irish coffee you will need to cook black filtered coffee that you refilled whiskey and one or two full teaspoons of sugar. The importance of sugar is primarily because the reserves for a long time cream or whipped cream, which comes on top of the coffee itself. Once the coffee is ready, it can be drunk without stirring or drinking through the cream which is located on the top!

This cocktail coffee is certainly not the first invention of mixing coffee and alcohol. This method of preparation of coffee dates back to the mid-19th century in Vienna cafe where coffee regularly served with alcohol and whipped cream.

Learn how to further enjoy your favorite drink – irish cream coffee

The original recipe for this, more than a popular drink.


Credits :   tomwaitsforme/Flickr
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Servings: 4
Difficulty: Easy
Calories per person: 444

You need

700 ml instant coffee
1 tablespoon sugar, brown (partially Rafin.)
1 tablespoon cream
400 ml of whiskey

Put hot coffee, whiskey and a spoon of brown sugar in a pot of coffee or a glass of coffee. Well all the stir, and add on top of sweet whipped cream or whipped cream.

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