The Famous Cocktails Irish Coffee Story

Irish coffee is The famous cocktail that everyone knows, but no one likes to do.From 100 90 bartenders will tell you they do not like Irish Coffee. The reason is perhaps that at the present time this drink more and is not as popular as it used to be, and a new generation of bartenders are not as familiar with him.

Irish Coffee

History is a venture started in the evening on November 10, 1952. Jack Koeppler , the owner of Buena Vista in San Francisco, has sparked an international travel writer Stanton Delaplane to help him change the tempting “Irish Coffee”, served at the airport Shannon in Ireland.intrigued by Stan accepted the invitation Jack then immediately began experimenting with about a prescription.Soon they encountered two major problems; taste “was not quite good ‘and cream (cream)” is not floating. ”

Stan’s hopes sank like a cream, but Jack did not give up. He intended to slijeditit elusive elixir with almost religious overtones if I have to make a pilgrimage to the overseas airport Shannon. When Jack returned, experimentation continued. Finally, the perfect taste of Irish whiskey was selected. The problem with cream took the mayor of San Francisco, a prominent owner dairies. They found that when the cream matures 48 hours and reaches consistency, will float like a swan on the surface Jakovog and Stan’s special beverage.

Finally, success! With overwhelmed recipe, crystal clear, perfectly steady, properly heated cup is defined as an appropriate measure. Soon the glory of Buena Vista’s Irish Coffee spread underground. Today is preparing equally delicious mix and the taste still, carries something cosmopolitan Buena Vista.

The original creator of the course from Ireland was Joseph Sheridan, who worked in the port of Foynes, precursor Shannon Airport in the west of Ireland. In winter 1940’s American travelers drinks coffee and added whiskey to warm them. When the passengers asked if they were served Brazilian coffee while Sheridan replied that they had been served an Irish coffee.
By definition, Irish coffee (Irish coffee, or originally CaiFu Gaelach) is a cocktail of coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar, mixed, with a semi-liquid cream on top. Original recipe explicitly includes only netučeni cream.


The Original Irish Coffee Recipe

1) Preheat a stemmed 6oz. whiskey goblet (or an Irish coffee cup.) with boiling water. Pour out the boiling water.
2) Add one jigger of good Irish whiskey.
3) Add three sugar cubes.
4) Pour in strong black coffee. Leave an inch below the top. Stir to dissolve the sugar.
5) Gently pour in some very lightly whipped heavy cream to the brim. You can pour it over a spoon so it will not mix in with the coffee.

Do not stir after adding the heavy cream. The authentic taste of Irish coffee is Achieved when you finish drinking the coffee and whiskey through the cream.
The sugar is important too. It helps keep the cream on top.

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