Iced coffee – Delicious Recipes For Iced Coffee for boosting Your day

Dreaming of an iced coffee? Summer is upon us and you are the type who wants flasher a to-go coffee in the winter, then iced coffee an icy alternative. Whether you are one of those who still sweating in front of the screen and still have the holiday to good, or you’re heading to the beach, park or just a walk in the green, then iced coffee perfect and a summer alternative to a hot cappuccino .

Accessories for iced coffee

A really refreshing iced coffee begins when you make a good cup of coffee. Choose a coffee from a region or a brand you like. The right coffee geeks painter even the beans! Keep in mind only that it must be extra strong to provide flavor. The recipes here pays homage to the classic black coffee, which is well on the way back to the Danish coffee tables and in to-go cups on the go. We recommend these delicious coffee beans for espresso from French Nicolas Vahé or this tasty coffee mixture of ground coffee beans from Colombia, India, and Brazil.

Here are two refreshing recipes for iced coffee, that is pleasure a cooling in the summer. You can choose both samples the simple and sinful iced coffee.

1. The classic iced coffee

iced coffee

This is easy and also the least sinful iced coffee. It is a good idea if you are using either skimmed or whole milk. As the ice melts, so you can get a little of the water feeling with mini and skim milk.

What you need:

-Ice cubes
-Coffee, about 1 DL
-1-2 dl milk, preferably whole milk or low-fat milk
-Optionally, the syrup to provide additional taste and sweetness (for example, that the taste of caramel or the vanilla )

How to make the classic iced coffee:

1.Make a good cup of coffee with your favorite coffee beans.
2.Want foam on the top, start to foam the milk up. Use a good hand blender or a milk frother.
3.Make ice cubes in the glass and pour in the milk.
4.Carefully pour the coffee.
5.Getting the foam at the top.

 2. The sinful iced

iced coffee


The inspiration comes from a Frappé. The consistency should be thick, and you should preferably enjoy this creamy iced coffee with a straw.

What you need:

-Coffee approximately 1 DL
-Vanilla or Nougat (preferably made of cream)
-A few ice cubes
-A little milk for consistency
-Possibly syrup, sugar or honey to sweeten extra
-Garnish if necessary. with whipped cream.

How to make the sinful iced coffee:

1. Make a good cup of coffee with your favorite coffee beans and let it cool down.
2. Getting coffee, ice cubes, milk and syrup in a blender and blend.
3. The server in to-go cups or tall glasses that have been chilled in the freezer first.
4. Whip whipped cream if you want whipped cream on top.

Enjoy !

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