Iced Caramel Macchiato Recipe and 5 other smoothie

Iced Caramel Macchiato Recipe and Bonus 5 smoothie

Iced Caramel Macchiato Recipe is lots of versions. This Italian cafe macchiato is made with an espresso and a small amount of milk. In France they have cafe noisette: it’s the same, an espresso with a little bit of milk (sometimes cream). But today’s caramel macchiato is an American version: an espresso with caramel sauce and the significant amount of milk. This is a Starbucks style, but not the propriety recipe.

Iced Caramel Macchiato Recipe

Iced caramel macchiato #coffee

Credits :  PoPPaP/Flickr

Ingredients for 1 tall glass:
Very strong Coffee/Espresso -I use 4 scoops of beans per glass)
Hot Milk/Soy Milk
1/4 ts Pure Vanilla Extract
1 tbs Caramel Syrup
Whipped Cream
Home Made Caramel Sauce

Other Recipes for Combining the coffee

If you have made coffee at hand, great. You may have to cool in the refrigerator (or freezer, if you are short of time) so it does not heat the other ingredients. If you are going to make a coffee milkshake is recommended to prepare the night before and put it in the fridge, or take a cold beer and leave in the fridge overnight.

Another option is to take the prepared coffee and filling an ice cube tray with coffee, and put the ice cubes in coffee your R iris with the rest of your ingredients.

1. Banana Pancake Coffee Smoothie

High protein Banana Pancake Smoothie

Credits :  Shanna S/Flickr

This is a great, full of natural ingredients, Avena, and of course coffee.

1 / 2c Milk
2cucchiai oat
1cucchiaino of maple syrup
1 / 2c cold coffee or the equivalent of coffee ice cubes
1 banana – they can be frozen or not
Some ice cubes (not necessary if you use coffee ice cubes)
cinnamon to taste
Blend the first three ingredients together, then add the rest. Add cinnamon to taste.

2. Cherry Coffee explosion smoothie

Coffee is full of antioxidants, and so are the cherries. This super charged, smoothie containing caffeine will help you kick your ass morning.

3 / 4c cherries – fresh or frozen
3 / 4c almond milk, or other dairy product
1/2 c cold coffee or the equivalent of coffee ice cubes
1 / 2cucchiaino vanilla taste
Blend all the ingredients until you get the desired consistency. Add the additional ice cubes as needed!

3. Coconut Coffee Whip

coconut and coffee go well together – strong coffee flavors and rich coconut were made for each other.

1 tin of coconut milk
1c of coconut water leftover from Can
1 banana, frozen or not
1 / 2c Coffee equivalent of coffee ice cubes
coconut flakes weaving
Mix the first four ingredients, add coconut flakes for texture, and what is great about this recipe is that you could add a little ‘vanilla or unflavored protein for a boost of protein!

4. Caramel Macchiato Strike

This is really a simple recipe using only three ingredients that take moments to prepare.

1c milk
1c coffee or equivalents of coffee ice cubes
2 dates
cinnamon to taste
Blend everything together, and add cinnamon to taste!

5. Chunky Monkey Smoothie Maker

I saved the best for last! Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coffee, how can you go wrong with this combo ?!

3 / 4c milk
1 / 2c Coffee equivalent of coffee ice cubes
1 banana
1tbsp cocoa powder
1burro tablespoons peanut
Blend everything except the PB until smooth, then add the PB and finish it to the desired consistency. Be happy!

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I shake coffee. My favorite is the big monkey of course – if you are looking for a great low-cal option cherry coffee explosion is only 120 cals!

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