Happy valentine – 5 phrases that are more important than ‘I love you’

Happy valentine

happy valentine everyone. in this Valentine’s Day I will talk about 5 phrases that are more important than ‘I love you’

Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day falls on February 14 every year. The origin is the Roman saint Sankt Valentin said to have been martyred on that date.


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Diamonds and champagne are all very well, but the finest gift you can give to someone you like is what you say and do.

Inspired by Valentine’s Day on February 14, we list five phrases that means more than the old worn out “I love you”.

Valentines Day occurs on February 14 every year. The day today has very little to do with the saint, St. Valentine, but are more commercially driven. That means on the other hand not that you should help to draw attention to a loved one.

But instead of gifts and extravagant romantic gestures you can show your love of words.

Below are five examples of phrases in the long run means much more than just a simple “I love you”.

And remember: In Finland celebrated Valentines Day under the name “viewings” or saying happy valentine so do not forget your friends can earn as much at the hearing below.

1. “I respect you”

Respect is a and o in a relationship. If we do not respect each other, we will eventually run over and hurt. For a relationship to remain harmonious and equitable required to allow their partner to be the hen is – and listen to the hens opinions, whether you agree or not

2. “I support you”

Knowing that the man living with a support is a prerequisite for daring to be yourself fully – and honest. Your partner will be there for you, whether you are happy or sad, successful or between jobs. The dreams you want to realize hen will help you achieve.

3. “I sacrifice myself for you”

In a healthy relationship includes both taking and giving. You can not just get, you have to sacrifice a bit too. You hate social events, but your wife loves them? Well, then, you get to set up sometimes, for her sake.

4. “I will protect you”

You are a team – against the rest of the world. If anyone tries to harm you or your loved one, then it is time to go to the defense. To reduce your partner in front of others or leave the hen alone in a corner at a party is not acceptable. You protect each other, in all weathers.

5. “I forgive you”

No one is perfect and everyone can make mistakes. So forgive each other when you have acted foolishly. In a long relationship, you will most likely behave badly sometimes, and say things that make the second sad. But when the show repentance and forgiveness, so the damage is (as long as it is not a giant deceit) repaired.

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