Happiness research – 10 signs life on the wrong things

Happiness research  – 10 signs that you spend your life on the wrong things

Happiness research – what should we’ve done with the happiness? Everyone has their own concept of a meaningful and fulfilling life, but there are some widely accepted belief that life should not live. Find out which is 10 characters reveals you’re wasting your life and not waste time on the wrong things. Lets take a moment to see how happiness research becomes part of our life.


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1. Often, objecting

Are you objecting to often on the job, the boss, salary, neighbor or spouse? If yes, then most of his time spreading negative energy. Negativity will not change, but will only do not move from the place. Therefore, change the way of thinking and talking about things for which you are grateful for in your life, not about what you do not like in your life.

” Everyone has his own notion of a meaningful and fulfilling life, but there are some widely accepted belief that life should not live “

2. Do not keep your mind

if you do not grow steadily as people and not learn new things, this means that stagnating, just like a still lake on its surface creates a green residue. Something similar is happening with our mind if we do not keep active and do not learn new things. Positive challenges in life will expand your mind.

3. It often speaks negatively about them

‘Whether you think you can or you think you can not – in both cases you are right’, wisely said Henry Ford. If you are telling yourself that you are not smart enough to promote your work or to start their own business, you will be right. If you are telling yourself that you are too tired to changes in life, you’re right. What you are saying to themselves, it becomes your reality. Therefore, carefully choose what you will say to yourself because your life and your thoughts are the same. Read and 9 of everyday phrases that we should not tell anyone.

4. Do not plan for the future

is always best to live now, at this time, but sometimes you need to look to the future to figure out where you’re going. If you do not have a goal or a plan, then you are like a ship floating aimlessly ocean hoping to finish in a good place. But you should not live like that. You must make your own guide in which you will develop a step by step plan that will take you where you want to be.

5. Too much time you spend with people who do not contribute to your development

easy we happen to get stuck with people who do not make us a better person. If you spend too much time with these people, you will stagnate or will they pull down with him. These are people in the colloquial speech known as ‘energy vampires’. Suck the life out of you and in return, you give nothing positive. Look for a society in which people will develop as a person.

6. Depending on the mobile phone you

Think about how much time you spend on the phone and how much this addiction affects your relationships with other people. Maybe you send SMS or browse the web while dining with his wife or children. If you do that, you’re missing the time that you can spend with your loved ones or the time to be able to plan the future.

” Are you objecting to often on the job, the boss, salary, neighbor or spouse? If yes, then most of his time spreading negative energy ”

7. Spend money on unimportant things

There is a difference between needs and desires, but modern society increasingly blurs the distinction. A lot of people spend money on the latest technological gadgets, cars, and Dutch are the money for basic needs. If you stop and think, you will realize that we actually need some of that. Food, water, shelter, and love to have some of these things. Everything else is just a bonus. Therefore, consider what you spend the money and if you can make some changes. Maybe some of the money you invest in savings for the future.

8. Do not sleep enough

sleep is essential for good health. If you can not sleep because you are too busy or just have a habit to stay up late, you should reconsider your habits.

9. Do not take care of your body

balanced, healthy diet and movement has other positive effects besides weight loss. Healthy habits affect on mental health, and that generally feel good. Think about your diet and amount of physical activity. You may realize that you do some small changes can greatly improve life.

10. Do not go out of your comfort zone

“Life begins when you step out of the comfort zone ‘, says one of life wisdom. Therefore, an adventure to the risk that you could improve the lives and thereby keep in mind that there is a difference between risk and of calculated risk. Any risk is not sure, but calculated risk means that you have weighed all the options and come up with good, sensible plan of action.

This happiness research is back to yourself how we manage all our daily to do. Check all the 10 things and do some  happiness research

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