Gourmet Coffee Machine Recomended For You

Gourmet Coffee Machine Recomended For You

Are you ready to invest in a fancy gourmet coffee machine?

you should have thought through a few things before you run to the store.

Here is the advice you need to find the coffee machine that suits you.

Perfect Pull

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Big or small?

How big coffee machine you choose, depends partly on two things: How good space you have and how much coffee you plan to make.

Have minimal bench space it pays a small capsule machine, which is light in weight if you need to clean it in a closet. This is also ideal if you only plan to make coffee for yourself, keep it happy with a smaller coffee machine with small capacity.

Are you two or more people drinking coffee at home, a machine that makes coffee in two cups simultaneously be an option – although the British consumer magazine Which bronzing that often these benefits coffee unevenly in the two cups.

Another good option is to have a pressure pot next – when it needs more cups of coffee in’re at, for example, if you receive visits. For it is both expensive and time consuming to make double espresso to a whole dinner party … This press pot, according to manufacturer make exceptionally good press pot of coffee.

Do you have a lot of money, but little space, you should also check out this news. It placed the machine under the kitchen sink, while the coffee comes out of a separate coffee spout.

Easy to use

Capsule machines have become very popular in recent years, but contrary to what one might think, not all equally easy to use.

DinSide have tested several of the latest coffee machines but including coffee machine Bosch Tassimo, which was launched in autumn is at times clumsy to use.

When taking round the shops you should therefore ask for a thorough explanation of how they work in practice, or try out the coffee machine to an acquaintance.

It is also good to keep in mind that a gourmet coffee machine should be cleaned from time to time – you can read how some of the best selling models cleaned correctly.

We have tested a number of capsule coffee machines, and favorites are clear: If you only have espresso or black coffee, we will advise Nespresso. For those who want a machine that also has milk capsules, the Dolce Gusto is a good option.

Milk in your coffee?

coffeemachine working

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Do you drink coffee with milk, you can buy milk capsules to some of capsule machines. These include Nescafé Dolce Gusto, which  previously tested.

Do you swear contrast to real milk, it could be a tip to buy a coffee machine that has milked team, although this provides a greater wash job.

Another good option is to buy a milk frother. When DinSide tested several varieties of these, did Ikea milk frother a very good job – and it only costs 12 crowns!

Also be aware that there can be big differences in prices for the same gourmet coffee machine .

This also applies to the prices of capsules for the machines .


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