6 Fundamental Principles For Making Good Coffee

Good coffee depends on what we prepare from checking the quality of coffee beans until using the coffee maker. Because of the taste, smell, and also the effect of the good coffee was created herself as an “art” of drinking coffee. A cup of coffee is just a cup of coffee. It has become very important, by how to prepare one coffee and the beans to use if you want to achieve the best result. It is an art to making a good coffee.

Six fundamental principles for making coffee are:

1. Buy a good coffee bean

Good Coffee should have “Powerful aroma, the fragrance of citrus and blackcurrant. Good and elegant. Much fruit, blackcurrant flavor. Coffee flavor is spreading like a fan and evolves as it is in the mouth. Light, fresh and clean. Elegant ease and nice acidity.


2.Grind coffee right away immediately after firing

It is also important that there is not too much time passes before the coffee is roasted after the beans have been harvested. There should preferably be no more than three months from the coffee harvest, it is toasted. The coffee should be freshly ground
But the bottom line is all that coffee should be freshly ground. Of course, you can even grind your coffee if you have the chance. That way you get a coffee that is fresh in taste and maintains its full aroma.

The result

3.Well put off coffee to coffee maker

Descale your coffee maker
The next thing you should know is that it is important that you maintain your coffee maker. This means first and foremost that you should regularly descale your coffee maker. If the coffee machine is regularly decalcified, arises a quick extra layer of limescale in the machine, which means that the coffee is going to pull longer. And this, in turn, affects the taste, so the coffee tastes more bitter. Rinse the like to the filter with boiling water, since the filter may provide some off-flavors or invest in a gold filter which is coated with a fine layer of gold and can be used again and again. Today there are many methods of brewing coffee out of coffee when you want a filter coffee. Funnel coffee has again gained ground, both small funnels into a single cup or large are equivalent to a large pitcher.


4.Use the right proportion of coffee and water

The water you use for your coffee is concerned, it is an advantage that it is spring water. Ordinary drinking water containing namely, in many parts of Denmark quite a lot of lime. And it affects the taste of the coffee you make if there is too much calcium in the water.
93-95 degrees warm water
If you are using reciprocating or filter coffee, it is important that you are not leaning Game boiling water over the coffee. Instead, you should wait a while until the water has a temperature of around 93-95 degrees Celsius. That way you will achieve the best result.

5. Focus on the technique of making coffee

Do not let the coffee pull too long in a cafeteria, before you push the piston down. Once the coffee is allowed to pull a long time, it will be more bitter in taste.

6. Serving Coffee

And so serving, then. According to the expert should coffee be drunk within half an hour after brewing. Do not hold your coffee warm by leaving it on the plate, as it is described. Pour it into a preheated pot that keeps well in temperature.


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