Egg coffee – coffee with egg / Ca Phe Trung

Egg coffee – coffee with egg / Ca Phe Trung

Egg coffee – coffee with egg unusual innovation Vietnamese Nguyen Giang who had in 1946 for the first time offered to visitors of the newly founded Cafe Giang. As the main reason for mixing eggs with coffee is a shortage of fresh milk during the Vietnam War.

Today, the combination of coffee and an egg is a real energy drink! Coffee with egg not only will quickly saturate but has other two advantages. By mixing of foods rich in proteins, such as egg, accelerates lowering of the coffee grounds at the bottom, and also in combination with egg coffee gives the milder taste of normally bitter beverage.

Cà phê trứng

Credits: Yuht Nguyen/Flickr

For this machine, it will need to be boiled water, one egg, three teaspoons of Vietnamese coffee and sweetened condensed milk. For a start, it is necessary to separate the yolk from the egg white. After that, the egg yolk is mixed with sweetened condensed milk to obtain a fused mixture. To this was added a teaspoon of fresh Vietnamese coffee, and a new glass is poured cooked coffee.

Top made

Top made the drink is added a pre-made mixture of egg and milk. In some recipes is mentioned by add the cheese in said mixture of coffee, milk, and egg. Whatever option you try to do, an unusual taste of coffee will certainly not leave you indifferent. Some who tasted the taste compared with cake tiramisu!

The world’s largest exporter of coffee

While the coffee is not very well known in all parts of the world. This is important to know how Vietnam is approaching the top of the world’s largest exporter of coffee. The main desire was just using exports as much coffee affect the current reputation in which the Vietnamese coffee was perceived as lower quality coffee.

These are just succeeded in 2012. , when Brazil surpassed the export of coffee, thanks to the then Brazilian bad weather! With the largest Vietnamese manufacturer, company Trung Nguyen, to this day are still sided by side with Brazil to export coffee. Nevertheless, Vietnamese coffee beans are kind of Robusta (coffee lower quality types). This are used mainly for the production of instant coffee or espresso.

To success was even greater, the story is how the president mentioned leading companies Dang Le Nguyen Vu drink even ten cups of coffee a day. And wants to encourage others that they also make, for only thus can further enhance domestic consumption, but also to develop a culture of coffee drinking!

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