Drinking coffee black- The best time to enjoy

Drinking coffee black – The best time to enjoy

Drinking coffee black every day? Are you among those who do without coffee? Especially in the morning is the black droplets completely and can perform miracles if you have some extra sleepy face. The same applies after dinner, then tiredness often sneaks in for a good meal. The need for coffee is perhaps extra large Christmas. Where we not only consume a lot more food and drink but also a lot of fatty foods. It is not such a good idea to Drinking coffee black either just before or just after such a meal.


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Wait 60-90 minutes after food

– Drinking coffee should preferably not be taken with meals. Rather enjoyed between meals, which focuses on nutritional guidance. This is because of the tannin in coffee and green tea binds iron from food. This makes unavailable to the body. Thus, the iron will go straight through the gut without absorbed by the body, she says.

– It is primarily those who have a low level of iron should be aware of consumption of coffee during meals. Lack of iron is however very common among women. In fact, it is up to 10 percent of us who get to us too little and it is the most common dietary deficiency. Iron is a substance which can not be formed in our body but must be supplied through food and drink. Therefore, it may be wise to limit coffee intake something – especially in connection with food. – Between 60-90 minutes after a meal is fine.

Advantages and disadvantages of coffee cup

Coffee can also be quite acidic for the stomach, especially for ulcers and acid reflux – which are largely influenced by what you eat. In addition, coffee is known to be fluid driving, and may even seem dehydrating. Not that you should drop coffee throughout Christmas for that reason, but with food which already is quite oily and salty, you may want to drink some water. Fortunately, it is certainly not only the negative aspects of drinking coffee. – Coffee seems invigorating and stimulant and can include an increase motivation, concentration, and alertness. The drink may also seem mild pain relief and is also reasonably rich in antioxidants, says Mathiesen. And antioxidants come with numerous benefits. Among other things, it is one of the reasons why scientists believe coffee may reduce the risk of cancer.

Filter coffee is the best you can choose

It is nevertheless important to remember not to overdo the intake. It is recommended a moderate consumption of coffee to bring out the positive effects. But also limit the scope and significance of the negative effects. She can tell that you should not exceed between 4-5 cups a day, which is what most drink each day – although it must be mentioned that actually the world’s highest in terms of consumption of coffee. No matter how much or little you drink, it is important to choose the right.

Coffee should mainly consume as freeze-dried coffee and filter coffee as making coffee and espresso based coffee has a lot of the lipids from the coffee beans which raises cholesterol, says dietician. Unlike boiling coffee, espresso coffee, and coffee percolator coffee, previous studies have also shown that filter coffee is associated with 10 percent lower risk of disease.

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