Drink menu for 5 spectacular tips for Yummy coffee transformation

Drink menu for 5 spectacular tips for Yummy coffee transformation

Drink menu usually has lots of variation. One of the famous drinks around us is coffee. There are a some of the ingredients that we can use to make coffee become something sweet to our guest. To enjoy confection, you do not need to eat large amounts of sugar. Usual morning or afternoon cup of coffee can turn into a sweet pleasure with the help of these five ingredients that can be found in most homes.


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Try this 5 spectacular tips

1. Cinnamon
Although cinnamon is not sweet, heady aroma of his will neutralizes the acidity of coffee and others favorite beverage. You will not only improve the taste if you add a teaspoon of cinnamon but will also lower your blood pressure.

2. Ekstrak vanilla
This low-calorie supplement will enhance the taste of many liquid products – from yogurt to smoothies, but in combination with the coffee will create a particularly fine drink. For a cup of coffee, it is necessary to add a drop or two of a delicious mixture.

3. Chocolate Powder
The chocolate can not go wrong. Add two tablespoons of powdered chocolate favorite coffee, stir well and enjoy the flavors.

4. Orange peel
It may seem strange, but the cover of citrus fruits will refresh the taste and aroma of your morning cup of coffee. A thin layer of orange rind, add put in a cup of coffee and let it soak for a minute or two. Remove the rind from the cup, and enjoy a new taste.

5. Cardamom
Mash seed fragrant cardamom and add the cup of coffee, or use a pinch of seasoning powder. Not only will the taste and smell of golden-brown liquid, but will also speed up your own metabolism, and improve digestion.

So, What’s your suggestion to make your drink menu become more interesting for your guest or maybe for your coffee shop? This drink menu needs improvement to become special drinks. You can make your own special drink menu.

Bring the idea now!

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