Double Espresso but First You need the Basic

Double Espresso – First ! You need the Basic 

Double Espresso, How to make best double espresso? First ! You need the Basic. No, another brewing method is as complex and controversial as espresso. The right preparation of the most concentrated coffee is for some religion and sparked discussions about perfusion, pressure profiles and coffee machines in the price of mid-class cars.

In fact, if you want to control every aspect of espresso, you have to invest in good equipment and time to practice. But do not worry: home cooking a delicious espresso is feasible and with the right technology no problem.

Espresso machine and mill

Espresso Machine

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Espresso machines produced for the home rather than professional cafés can also be very expensive. Contrary to the obvious opinion, however, it is worthwhile to invest the lion’s share of the budget into a good espresso mill. The most important thing for a perfect espresso is the uniformly fine grinding degree of the coffee powder – and this can only be achieved with a good grinder.

Need buying guide?

A complete buying guide is beyond the scope here, a few basic rules to choose, we can give but:
An espresso machine is an investment that should last a few years. Therefore pay attention to a solid workmanship and a stable housing, if possible made of metal. Check the filter carrier bayonet and all the switches and levers before purchase. If something feels shaky or cheap, you should look for another model.
An electronics supermarket is not a good starting point in most cases. Let us advise you with an experienced specialist.

QuickMill Mod. 03035

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Need help to choose your machine or mill?

And so you prepare a first class espresso

  1. The brewing temperature, as with any other preparation method, is one of the keys to good coffee. Depending on the model, your espresso machine should have 15-30 minutes to fully heat up so that the brewing water does not cool too much on the way from the boiler to the filter holder.

  2. Take the filter holder out of the machine and let a little water run into your espresso. This ensures fresh water in the brewing unit (the foremost part of the machine) and warms the cup.

  3. The right dosage and the appropriate degree of grinding depend on many factors such as the age of the coffee or variety of the beans. In addition, external influences such as ambient temperature and humidity play a role. To find the right grind, you will need several starts at the beginning. That is normal! No reason to worry. For a double espresso, you need 18-21g of coffee. In order to get to the right grind, start with something too fine and then work upwards in small steps.

  4. Your filter should be clean and dry before each shot. Water drops are used to repel the oils in the coffee and can form under pressure water channels, so-called “channels”, through which the brewing water passes past the coffee instead of extracting the coffee.

  5. Channels are also particularly favored by an uneven distribution of the coffee in the screen carrier. The espresso machine presses the water under high pressure through the coffee bed. If this is the case, the water looks the way with the least resistance, instead of evenly dissolving the aromas and oils from the entire coffee. So make the coffee as evenly as possible into the sieve rack, then smooth the coffee bar with a finger in a “north-south” and “east-west” movement smoothly.

  6. Compress the coffee in the filter holder with a tamper. The exact pressure is not of too much importance, more importantly, the surface of the coffee is straight and smooth, and not oblique. Support the filter holder on the table edge when tapping. To avoid scratches, there are also special Tamping mats and stations.

  7. It is time – place the filter holder firmly in the machine, position the cup (without the warming water!) And press Start. (If not: practice makes the master, try again). Disconnect the machine after 20-30 seconds.


Credits :   Hayashina/Flickr

3 Protip Useful

Protip 1 : pros weigh from their espresso, rather than relying on the time. A double shot should weigh about 35-45g.

Protip 2: Contrary to the popular opinion, espresso should be drunk as quickly and hot, we find that the sweet and complex aromas and tastes to get into their own when the shot is cooled somewhat.

Protip 3: Espresso is the oiliest all coffee, and oil can become rancid after some time. To avoid bitter, rancid or simply “old” taste, you should clean your machine once a week with a special espresso machine cleaner.

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