Dessert coffee drinks and the preparations

Dessert coffee drinks The preparation with coffee

dessert coffee drinks promotes concentration, cognitive processes, accelerates the process of information processing in the brain, relieves headache and uplifting.


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When preparing black coffee should take several factors into account. First, the ratio of water and the ground coffee. At 50-75 g of coffee comes around 55-85 ml less hard water with optimal temperature should be between 92-96 ° C. We should not forget that the finer ground coffee has more surface area in contact with water, so it takes less time boiling, to develop the full flavor unlike the rough ground coffee. Coffee can be drunk alone as espresso or with the addition of a little more water as Cafe American. Warm the milk can add espresso and you’ll got a cafe latte. The equal proportions of espresso and milk foam will give a cappuccino. A drop of hot foamed milk on the surface of the coffee cafe macchiato.

Serve Black Coffee as dessert coffee drinks 

Strong black coffee except in the form of iced coffee, summer can also serve as granite. Freeze it with the addition of sugar, vanilla and a little naračine cover and serve with whipped cream. Summer is a treat for lovers of a coffee flavor ice cream and coffee. This can be used independently as a filling for profiteroles and serve with chocolate sauce. No coffee can is not well-known Italian tiramisu and chocolate sauce with the addition of strong black coffee and liqueur coffee. This will give a special flavor of ice cream, cake or pudding. With the aromas of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg cake of dried fruit can add some strong black coffee.

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee or instant coffee powder can be added to friable pastry, biscuits or soufflé. This is in good agreement with berries such as blueberries or raspberries. Dessert coffee drinks will give a special flavor puddings, jellies, foam made (Moussa) and creams such as crème brûlée, vanilla cream, cream based on ricotta cheese and cream. In addition to pastries coffee can flavored whipped cream or caramel.

Weird or not, some world cuisine using coffee and savory dishes. Duck breasts can be marinated in coffee by the addition of salt. The sugar syrup to water is about 6 hours and then suction-filtered off and grilled. From coffee, bourbon, sugar, soy and Worcestershire sauce and cider vinegar can be prepared sauce served with steak or chicken grilled. A grilled ribs can simmer the chili peppers, onions, garlic, lime juice and the addition of coffee.

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