Define Latte Macchiato with Magical Touch

Define latte macchiato 

Define latte macchiato  means freely translated from the Italian “stained milk”.
Latte macchiato is nothing but a foaming milk with espresso. But as it usually is its uniqueness lies in the details: well-prepared latte macchiato consists of several layers that are kept separate from each other


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The cultural role from define latte macchiato 

Latte Macchiato has become a symbol of the inhabitants of the big city are following the trends, the symbol of the artist and the young generation of parents. Latte macchiato is simply become a modern, contemporary, trendy drink of a new “lifestyle” elite between the ages of 20-40 years. It is popular among women and among men and broke into one category of luxury that “we simply have to” have.

Perfect preparation

latte macchiato served as a role in a high and a tall glass. It consists of three parts which are interconnected virtually and do not mix. At the bottom of hot milk, the next layer is the espresso and last, the third layer consists of milk foam.
The highest density of these three layers has milk and therefore is at the bottom. Coffee is hotter and thus reducing its density and so she keeps on top of the milk. Milk foam consists mainly of air and has the lowest density of time which allows it to remain on the surface. If you let the latte macchiato to cool the glass layers will be as a result of convection mix.

Latte macchiato will best succeed if you start by pouring hot foamed milk in a glass.

This is followed by preparation of espresso and the best immediately in a special small pot. During this time the foaming of the milk will be divided into two glass layers. Dole milk and milk foam up. In the end, carefully pour the espresso into milk foam. In doing so, you will milk foam, gently stained as our beverage and gave his name. Espresso will I spread between hot milk and foam. Latte macchiato served on a saucer with a long spoon. Drink it immediately.

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