Cortado coffee in Spain

Cortado coffee in Spain

Cortado coffee – Cortado name comes from the Spanish word ” cortar ” which literally means ” cut “. Coffee is made up of short espresso coffee with a very small amount of warm milk without foam. Means with which reduces the strength of the coffee. This coffee is popular in Spain, Portugal, and Colombia. Cortadito is the same coffee in the United States are known as Gibraltar and in Cuba.


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Regardless of the country, coffee is consumed mainly in the afternoon. Served in glass cups with metal rings and handles.

At first, certainly seems to be quite similar to Italian caffe macchiato, but there are a few minor differences. First of all, the difference is that the Italian caffe macchiato is working with a very small amount of milk. The ratio of coffee less than 1: 1 and the milk are pre-heated steam. While cortado is served in a ratio of 150-200 ml espresso with a little greater amount of milk that is hot steamed.

Spain candy coffee

With this machine, as some popular variations such as in Spain candy coffee consisting of espresso mixed with sweetened condensed milk.

Also, coffee leche y leche is the same as candy coffee only with added whipped cream on top. Delicious-looking, of course!

Colombia is the second manufacturer of Arabica

It is very important to know about these countries in which it is consumed Cortado. The importance of coffee is at a high place in society, so, for example, Spain has even over 350,000 bars, restaurants, and cafes where you can try over a dozen different types of coffee.

Also, Colombia is the second manufacturer of Arabica, high-quality coffee, which supplies many countries around the world! Most coffee from Colombia goes to the United States, Germany, France, Japan, and Italy.

Finally, mention Portugal has a very important role in making Brazilian coffee to Europe. Thus, in 1727, Francisco de Mello Palheta plant brought coffee from Brazil to France and there and planted.

So, Have you ever taste this Cortado coffee in Spain ? What do you think?

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