Coffee tips – 10 tips for true fans of coffee

Coffee tips – 10 tips for true fans of coffee

Coffee tips sometimes make us think to get healthier. one of the most popular drinks in the world is coffee. The main reasons for this are its excellent flavor and the fact that people used as apparent energy recovery. Many do not know that coffee consumption prolongs life and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Harvard School of Public Health study from 2014 demonstrated that people who drink at least one cup of coffee a day over a period of four years had an 11 percent less chance of getting type 2 diabetes than people who were not drinking this popular beverage.

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Also, people who drink four or more cups a day were 20 percent less likely to develop skin cancer, according to a study from 2015, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Many people can not start their day without a cup of coffee, so we will share with you 10 tips that pleasant ritual to make healthier and more efficient. Here are the 10 coffee tips for us:

1. Sweetening the first coffee with cinnamon or ginger instead of sugar

For all lovers of sweeter coffee recommend adding cinnamon instead of the usual sugar. Not only does it taste perfect match, but a teaspoon of cinnamon every morning can contribute to lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Studies have shown that just the smell of cinnamon improves our cognitive abilities, and ingestion significantly enhances brain function. Cinnamon accelerates visual-motor response and enhances concentration. Also cinnamon has natural antibacterial properties and is particularly effective against E. coli.

In addition to cinnamon and ginger is a good solution which in addition to matches perfectly with coffee, helps calm the stomach problems. In addition, ginger increases the production of lactic acid in the muscle tissue, which can stimulate the release of growth hormone with an increased lipolysis (fat or combustion).

2. butter instead of milk

Milk and cream are not the healthiest additions to our favorite drink, therefore dice unsalted butter can keep the quality of taste and reduce caloric intake. The idea of coffee with butter came to American entrepreneur Dave Asprey.
In fact, he came up with the so-called impenetrable diet ( ‘Bullet-proof’ diet) – mode of entering high-fat, low carbohydrate, which claims to protect against fatigue and chronic diseases, and promises a dramatic weight loss.
Coffee with butter is a central part of the success Aspreyjeve child, and he stresses that the implementation of this child should use organic coffee, unsalted butter, and organic coconut oil.

3. coffee tips by Mixing coffee with coconut water

Not only will the coconut water sweeten your coffee but will enhance the hydration of your body. Also, coconut water is a good source of potassium which reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke, and high blood pressure.

4. Proper protection of coffee beans

The greatest enemies of the coffee beans are moisture and air. When one is exposed to these two factors, aromatic oils of coffee quickly crushed. The coffee will stay fresh longer if you buy and store whole grains, preferably in an opaque and tightly closed (we recommend glass or ceramic dishes). The best way to identify fresh coffee beans is the smell; requires a sweet, earthy aroma of coffee.

5. The use of organic coffee beans

Many think that this is not the case with coffee, or grains that are not grown organically may contain pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers and other potentially harmful chemicals.

The main threat to the health of non-organic grain is that some pesticides can act as xenoestrogens (toxins that mimic estrogen by sending false signals, block or mimic hormones and thus threaten health) leading to disturbances in hormonal balance in women and men.

Therefore, instead of buying cheap grain Holdings Ltd present, think about your health and buy better because it will be to pay off in the long run.

6. coffee tips is Drinking coffee after breakfast

Most people drink coffee first thing you do after you wake up, but this is not recommended because caffeine causes the release of glucose into the bloodstream, leading to incapacitating insulin and fall in blood sugar levels.

Coffee Break

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7. Cold coffee

Studies have shown that the health of the best cold-brewed coffee (67% less toxic than hot cooked). This does not mean that you need to brew coffee and then let it cool, but is healthy only one that is “cold cook”.

The recipe for this is quite simple; ground coffee put in cold water and leave for twelve hours. Then strain the mixture and the coffee is ready for consumption (you can warm up and if you prefer that your coffee is hot). This method of preparation of coffee is called “Toddy system”, a specialty coffee brewing so is the fact that it considerably less regarded digestive organs.

Also cold brewed coffee tastes much better because the oils containing coffee beans oxidize when heated and release a certain acid that coffee gives a bittersweet tart flavor. This method can be used for the preparation of ice coffee so that after post

8. coffee tips by Adding salt in the machine

Some people like coffee because of its specific bitterness, but if you do not belong to that group, and you are not willing to try the cold cooking (or you play, but you do not like), there is an easier way to improve the taste of your coffee.

It is enough that the machine inserts bit (no less) salt and then stir. You must be wondering how and why it works, and the answer is pure science. Sol is unusual binds to the taste buds that detect bitterness and stops them in their functions. Therefore, if you prefer salty bitter before this trick is ideal for you.

9. Complete your foam

If you are one of those people who like his coffee with foam milk (latte) rather than buy professional coffee (or coffee with milk). Or that her daily drink in the coffee shop, cheaper solution is to learn to work independently milk foam.

The only thing you need for this is the milk of at least 2 percent milk fat, a glass container, and microwave for 2 minutes of your time. Milk put into a glass container and they warm up in the microwave until hot.

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After that, the glass container put the lid and shake for 20 seconds until you get the milk foam. Milk put in the coffee so that the resulting foam with a spoon stick you put at the end. That’s it, you have made your own cafe latte.

10. Syrups for coffee

Classic coffee is excellent, but for those who like American innovations such as Starbucks coffee are the perfect addition to syrups. Of course, you can buy, but cheaper is to make them yourself. This can by mixing 2 cups sugar 2 cups water over low heat until the mixture is melted (not necessarily that just two cups, only it is essential that the amount of water and sugar in line).

After that, there can throw vanilla extract, caramel or berries, depending on what flavor you want to get, and it all stir until it becomes a whole.


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