Coffee symptoms -The dark side of coffee symptoms

Coffee symptoms – The dark side of coffee symptoms, depending 7

coffee symptoms is one of dark side Dependence on coffee. Like any other, formed imperceptible to humans. And even if it goes in a difficult phase, coffee lover can not imagine a problem. Few cups of hot drinks a day should look like coffee is addictive.

Drinking coffee

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1. Tremor and coffee HDD

Misuse of caffeinated beverages causes hand tremors. The reasons may be different factors, but in the case of coffee addiction tremor of the upper extremities, explained drink a stimulating effect on the central nervous system.
The apparent symptom of addiction – a problem, refusing to drink or be replaced by any other. If a person, due to the number of cups drunk per day, decided to reduce the number of receiving coffee twice, and the remaining replace tea and unsuccessfully – as a person continuous dependence on coffee.

2. Dental Problems

Excessive love of coffee to pay discolored teeth. Yellow or light brown enamel – feature smoker or amateur Pictures teeth drinks (coffee, tea).

3. Heartburn

Coffee people are often faced with heartburn and other stomach ailments, coffee increases the acidity of the stomach. A cup of drink taken before a meal, improves the appetite and stimulates the production of gastric juice to help digestion. However, continued use of high doses of coffee on an empty stomach – a sure way to soon join the ranks of suffering from gastritis and stomach acid.

4. coffee symptoms of the nervous and cardiovascular system

5. include coffee addiction and irritability, chronic anxiety and sleep problems.

6. Psycho-stimulating

Psycho-stimulating effect of coffee is very useful if you need occasional perk. However tonic welcome drink large portions every day too overloaded nervous system.

7. pain and discomfort.

Misuse of coffee becomes uncomfortable dealing with fitness, especially kardio. Caffeine and without physical activity increases the heart rate – around 15-20 beats per minute. Its regular and excessive consumption will eventually lead to sustained high blood pressure. The man likely to develop hypertension after a few cups of coffee may cause cerebral vasospasm, with pain and discomfort.

Understanding the subject of passion of coffee symptoms

One sign Coffeemania – deep knowledge of methods roasted, cooking, drink some differences from other types of coffee and so on, of course, this symptom should go along with other people every coffee lover interesting theory .. but if you can say a lot to convert aromatic brown beans flavored tonic drink, and the house has a whole arsenal of equipment for the preparation and presentation, so that, first of all, many coffee drinkers (and probably beyond measure!), not only prepares his guests and friends.

Australian scientists during their research concluded that coffee is as tyrannical and ambitious man, often – with a penchant for sadism and narcissism. If you have at least half of these symptoms, it’s time to switch from coffee to water, mineral water, juice or other drink harmless.


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Is it dangerous coffee symptoms with dependence on coffee and caffeine?

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