coffee shops – History of coffee house in the world

coffee shops – How to look like the oldest coffee houses in the world?

coffee shops – When we go back a bit in the past, long before many of these modern chain coffee shops that dominate the world, we can find the oldest coffee houses in the world! From the very beginning, cafes and bars were the place for meeting and discussion about political and social topics. Is it because of the coffee that provides large amounts of energy for the work of imagination, or has something in it that the cafe a place of safety and relaxation?


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What were they called coffee shops?

Coffeehouses around the world had different names . Thus, in the Arab world cafe called al-maqhah , the Persian qahveh-Khaneh , while the Turkish called kıraathane or kahvehane . Due to the influence of the Ottoman Empire in our region, East Europe, together with us, he kept a similar name cafe or coffee shop .

In the West, a coffee shop on the French and Portuguese called café , in Spain cafeteria, in Italy caffè in Germany Kaffeehaus. Whatever your name is, coffeehouses were the center of social interaction , where they are mostly men meet and discuss politics, music, various news or play chess.

With the above mentioned names, cafes and had nicknames. Thus, in the Ottoman Empire nickname maker was ” School of Wisdom “. In England there were two calls ” Penny Universities ” where coffee cost 1 penny, and talked with politics, about anything and everything, so everyone could learn something.

anti-social perception of the cafe

Another nickname for coffee houses in England coined by those who were not fans of coffee and that kind of gathering, mostly individuals who have had some kind of authority over other citizens. The term ” Seminars propaganda ” related to anti-social perception of the cafe. This was eventually completed petition against coffee and also closed a number of cafes in England in 1675.

In Germany, the nickname for the cafe was Kaffeeklatsch and refers to women gossip parties or gossip during the afternoon drinking coffee. Through the years, this nickname is retained, but is now also seen as a relaxed conversation in general.

Where has opened the first cafe in the world?

The first coffee shop in the world ever opened in Istanbul , and then Constantinople ! Cafe called Kiva Han and It was opened in 1475 . This coffee shop also in during 1555 were opened a few cafe around Istanbul.

By 1570 cafes are the main center for socializing and interaction, but during that year of Mufti of Constantinople and other religious fanatics prohibit maker law because they believed that coffee, like wine, should be banned , because it says in the scriptures of the Koran.

Nevertheless, the consumption of coffee does not stop. While reducing the population is still consumed coffee in their homes and several cafe that remained open despite the ban.

Italy has always been full of coffee!

Baratti & Milano Cafe is one of the oldest and most beautiful cafe in Italy, which has survived to this day. They opened back in 1858, Ferdinando Baratti and Edoardo Milano under the name Fornit della Casa Real . In 1875, coffee was moved to its current location, between Piazza del Castello and Galleria Subalpina.

Caffe Florian

Caffe Florian is another older cafe opened in 1720 on the Piazza San Marco (Venice) and still in operation today. It was opened by Floriano Francesconi. This cafe is the main candidate for the longest coffee house in the world that works over 290 years

Pedrocchi Café

Pedrocchi Café is a coffee shop in Padua by 1760 opened Franceso Pedrochin, and besides it is today open, also holds the title of the biggest cafes in the world ! Cafe is located in a beautiful old building from the 19th century.

Also, this is the historical place where in 1848 gathered numerous tailors social unrest, but also well-known artists such as the French novelist Stendhal, the English poet Lord Byron and the Italian Nobel laureate Dario Fo.

Caffe Greco

One of the oldest cafes in the world is the Caffe Greco. Where? it is in the center of Rome. It was opened by a Greek, Nicola della Maddalena 1760 and to this day serves delicious coffee. This is also a place many visitors called the most beautiful and most elegant café in the world.

Cafe is decorated with numerous paintings of great artists. For example, there are coffee drinking Buffalo Bill , Felix Mendelssohn, Mark Twain, Orson Wells , and Hans Christian Andersen . Worth visiting this place, right?

Today, this cafe mainly visited by many writers, politicians, artists and other prominent individuals from Rome. How comfortable atmosphere and delicious coffee statements best describes the painter Giorgio De Chirico, who said that this coffee place where ” you sit and wait for the end .”

In English coffeehouses were minted business plans.

The first cafe opened in England. St. Michael’s Alley Coffee House was opened in 1652. But to date it is uncertain if the owner of the cafe first was Mr. Bowman or Pasqua Rosee. The most of the signs in favor of Rose.

Rose had Eastern blood in him. This cafe is the first cafe that is advertised in local newspapers.

The second oldest cafe

The second oldest cafe in England was called Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House. This coffee shop was opened in 1685 in London. It is named after its founder and described it as a large and habitable.

Since the cafe is already beginning to gather a specific profile of people – salespersons . But shortly after it opened, more precisely in 1696, Edward Lloyd started list also named after him ” Lloyd’s List ” which he shared in the cafe, and the main topics were about arrivals and departures of ships and sea conditions .

During the 18th century right here in this cafe to start business that remains famous to this day, and this is a worldwide successful insurance company Lloyd’s .

Hof zur Blauen Flasche in Vienna

Hof zur Blauen Flasche , or translated into Croatian, house under a blue bottle . It was one of the first and most favorite cafe in Vienna. He opened it Poljak Georg Franz Kolschitzky in 1686 near the cathedral at Schlossergasse.

According to the stories, Kolschitzky had a major role in the liberation of Vienna from the Turks. He asked the Polish king Sobiesky-I to send troops in Vienna to fight against the Turks. The hurried escape, the Turks left behind large quantities of coffee beans, which value Kolschitzky recognized, and finally popularized.

His café soon became one of the most famous, and the Austrians are soon going crazy for this fine drink. Apparently served guests dressed in Turk , which gave additional authenticity of the beverage and its cafe. His innovation is not there it is so started serving coffee with milk . Which is then in these areas was unknown.

American coffee houses are a little late with the opening

Although the 17th century most European cities already have open cafe whose popularity has grown in America. The first shop of its kind opened in 1773 in Philadelphia. It was called City Tavern was built on the model of the cafe in London. The owners was Daniel Smith and bring together the entire city at this point. Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton and other influential individuals were most frequent visitors of this cafe.

Another famous cafe in America is The Old Tontine Coffee House , a coffee shop. This is located on the corner of Wall and Water streets Streets. This is exactly the place where they organized the first sale of shares in New York.

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