Coffee shop cups – better fight the afternoon of the murder

Coffee shop cups – better fight the afternoon of the murder

Coffee shop cups- The afternoon nap or a cup of hot coffee – with which you’re fighting against the afternoon of the murder? Whether it is a weekend when you have to heat your home or during the day when you’re at the office, the decline in energy and power for the mental and physical work is very common, and there then jumps coffee!

Although we wrote about when during the day the optimal time for coffee, often happens that even this one cup of coffee is not enough to bring us back to an active everyday life. On the other hand, some afternoon sleep is hard but feel extra fatigued and disoriented. How to solve the problem of fatigue during the day and whether it does help the medicine?

Coffee Shop Reflection

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When coffee gives the most energy?

When a scientific perspective views, caffeine and cortisol are the two most important factors to take into account if you want to feel a real boost of energy after coffee. They have the last word and the lead role in this whole, and somewhat complex, process.

As you surely know, the hormone cortisol is one of the main hormones that can take up to you in the moments when the brain recognizes a danger or excessive stress. When this situation is signaled to the brain, this steroid hormone starts to secrete the adrenal cortex.

In such situations, it is a real lifesaver. However, if such situations in life often, he will then no longer harm the body, but help. So frequent secretion, cortisol blocks the autoimmune system, prevents rest and relaxation because of the constant readiness of the body on alert and response by the waves of hormones.

Regardless of these external factors and situations, cortisol is secreted several times during the day. Its secretion is regulated by the circadian rhythm so that the highlight releases cortisol takes place between 8:09 am and then intake of caffeine in the body will be of great benefit. The same happens in the time between noon and 13 pm, and 17:30 and 18:30.

But in a smart combination of nature and caffeine intake, the optimum period for drinking coffee is between 10:12 hours in the morning and between 14:15 o’clock. In addition, as we have repeatedly discussed in our articles, keep in mind that caffeine takes about 20 minutes to go to work on the body!

Is nap bad option for a vacation?

When we ignore the classic comments on how slumber only those in the south. There is no work in contrast to the population in the north, as well as a cup of coffee. Afternoon naps on some work well, while others do not. However, it is certain that the rapid way of life and the increasing doses of stress during the day require adjustment of the body to this situation, and with this and a good rest to the body possibly continue to work.

When we add to that figure of speech that 85% of mammalian species works with multi-stage bed, or with a dream which is divided into several parts during the day time is really for a nap!

Nap or a nap

it should take no longer than 20 to 30 minutes a day. The NSF are (National Sleep Foundation) point out that this is enough time for the body to quickly regenerate and improve its readiness without having to feel bad after waking up or influence the quality of real sleep a night.

The positive side of short sleep during the day is also the reduction of errors and accidents, so drivers often recommend a short rest and sleep. From the psychological point of view, short sleep gives the feeling of a short holiday in which it is possible to escape from the stress and rejuvenate.

Negative impacts occur when sleep lasts over 20 minutes or more than half an hour. Then it is possible to sense weaknesses in the body. Also, longer sleep during the day can negatively affect the quality or length of sleep during the night. NSF also points out that one of the possible risks of such sleep and problems with the heart.

Now that we’ve been through the basics of positive and negative sleep and coffee, find out which is better!

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