Coffee Machine – 2 point wait a little longer for the coffee

Coffee machine – 2 point wait a little longer for the coffee

Coffee Machine has influence too, and coffee from the running machine is a bad idea!

At first sight, of course, a great life hack: When the coffee machine runs through, you can pour yourself a cup before, without waiting until the end. Sounds practical, but you should not do that because you will double your coffee pleasure twice:


Credits :  jimmyb156/Flickr

1. The half-finished coffee tastes too bitter

This is because, with a coffee machine (or with each filter coffee), first concentrated coffee essence runs into the jug, which gradually becomes with the remaining, hot water to the delicious coffee, according to which your heart covets every morning. If you now prematurely pour your coffee, you do not have delicious coffee in the cup, but bitter concentrate, which you can also make with extra-much milk and sugar edible at best. But it will not really taste good. And even after that, it will not be better, because …

2. The remaining pot is just lousy coffee

Is actually logical: The bitter coffee concentrate that you just poured you need now, of course, in the remaining pot. The hot water from above does not now enrich any coffee essence to the delicious hot drink. Instead, a small amount of soil is further diluted until it looks like brownish puddling water – and probably also tastes so similar.

At this point, you can just get away with everything: the coffee in your cup and the rest in the pot. Too bad the good coffee!

So, be patient, wait a few minutes, and wait until all the water has passed through the filter. For this, you will be rewarded with a delicious, hot coffee that is not too bitter and not too thin, but just as you like it!

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