Coffee Machine Rental – Difficult Decision Buy or Rent

Coffee Machine Rental – Difficult Decision buys or Rent

For most of the today’s businesses, playing coffee machine rental a significant role. Coffee is served and offered every day, all days of the year, for both employees and clients.

It can be difficult to decide whether to buy or rent a coffee machine. In this blog post, we will in Expert Options try to help you. We will answer some key questions and comment on the pros and cons of trying to make their choice a little easier.

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How much coffee drinks you?

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How much coffee consume your business?

Today’s coffee machines can produce anywhere from 15-500 cups of coffee per day. It is, therefore, important to consider how much capacity your business requires.

  • Is your business large and need a coffee machine on each floor? Or do you need just a canteen?
  • Should the coffee machine ready to produce two cups at a time? Or will a coffee cup?

By finding out how much coffee your business drinks per day, we can help you find the solution that will be most profitable for your business.

What should be emphasized by the acquisition of a coffee machine?

The current range of coffee machines is huge. It is, therefore, important to consider the criteria that are most important to your business.

  • Want to use pre-ground coffee or coffee beans?
  • Do you want the coffee machine to produce specific types of coffee?
  • For example, cappuccino or espresso? Or hot chocolate?
  • How big production capacity do you need?
  • Is brew time a decisive factor?
  • Do you have the ability to produce two cups of coffee at a time?

Day 31 - 14th Jan: Espresso to go

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All businesses are different and have different needs. One thing is, however, certain. Research shows that 90 percent of citizens coffee drinking takes place at home or at work. To offer their customers and employees the coffee they want is therefore incredibly important!

Buy or rent a coffee machine?

There are several factors that come into play on the question of whether one should buy or rent a coffee machine. The main thing to consider is the cost of making such an investment and operating costs by having a coffee machine.

Operating costs will apply regardless of whether you choose to buy or rent a coffee machine. Examples of costs can be refilling, cleaning, and maintenance.

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By investing in a coffee machine business will be able to reduce the long-term costs that may occur. Nor do you have to pay interest to another party. By investing in a coffee machine of high quality, it will also cost you less in terms of service and maintenance.

Service to corporate coffee machine

Whether you buy or rent a coffee machine, there are various service agreements linked to the coffee machine. The service can involve everything from maintenance and regular servicing, cleaning and replenishing items. If you choose to invest in a coffee machine of high quality will reduce these costs.


The company will always have a contact if the machine were to argue, or break.
Regular cleaning and maintenance will increase the life of your machine.


The service agreement will entail an additional cost for the company.
The cost of a service may be perceived as an unnecessary expense if it turns out that the coffee machine works well and does not need servicing.

What does it cost to buy a coffee machine?

A coffee machine, for now, shall often meet several requirements. The coffee should taste good, they’re quick and the price per cup to be reasonable. Further wishes can be the coffee machine to produce hot water for tea, several types of coffee and hot chocolate.

Depending on the demands placed on it by the coffee machine, and how many cups of coffee consumed per day, the price of a coffee machine of good quality vary. A coffee machine rental for business can cost anywhere from $ 800 to 50,000 kroner, depending on battery capacity, features, and quality.


For several reasons, several companies have begun to hire coffee machines instead of buying. Two
reasons include:

1. By renting a coffee machine need not even stand for the practical problems, as most providers offer free service and maintenance.

2. If you are unsure which coffee machine that will suit your business best, you hire is a good solution. It can help you if you later want to invest in a coffee machine, then you already have experience with one or more machines.

coffee machine rental can be more expensive in the long run

To rent a coffee machine can be a good solution if the economy does not allow to invest in a good coffee quality, or if you just need the coffee machine in a shorter period.

It may still be useful to know that it will be more expensive to rent a coffee machine for a longer period, than by going to buy a coffee machine right away. So if you have plans to have the coffee machine for a long time, you should consider investing in a good quality machine rather than rent.

What does it cost to rent a coffee machine?

The price to rent a coffee machine varies a great deal. What it will cost will depend on inter alia the type of coffee machine you choose to hire, and what benefits you want to include, such as cleaning and maintenance.

Usually, the price level will depend on the provider you want to hire, and coffee machine capacity.

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Order a coffee machine rental for your business today!

Within you decide what coffee you want to buy or rent, it may be advantageous to book more deals.

Once you have received offers from our various suppliers, you will be able to compare price and quality of the various coffee machine rental, and then choose the solution that suits your business best.

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