Coffee Investing – Starter Kick for New Business

Coffee Investing – Starter Kick for New Business

The coffee is one of the beverages for consumption, most of the world. Coffee investing is something that we should consider as future business. We drink so much and so often that we rarely reflect on the complexity of the product. The route from the coffee farm to a coffee cup is not only long but also complex. Those who dive into it, are surprised by the complexity of the supply chain.

Sustainable coffee production

The cultivation of and trade in coffee does not come without challenges. Even when world prices are high, sheep farmers only low yield. The result of mechanization, monoculture, and high water consumption is the cultivation of coffee is often a heavy burden on the environment. Moreover, working conditions are often unjust, and it is very unattractive to work on a coffee farm. Climate change also affects production negatively.

Fair Trade

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Coffee of gourmet quality provide coffee farmers better conditions

63,000 coffee farmers from 11 coffee-producing countries now participate in the coffee Sustainable Quality ™ Program. The goal is simple: to work towards a better future for coffee farmers, the environment, and coffee. When is in short supply. It’s Only 10 to 20 percent of the total coffee production called gourmet quality. Within gourmet quality, only 10 percent a gourmet coffee that meets the stringent quality and sensory requirements made taste and aroma.

Together, this means that only about 1-2 percent of the world’s coffee production is of the quality that after seeking. The program aims to ensure continuous production of gourmet coffee by creating more value in three areas: quality, sustainability, and productivity. The program helps coffee farmers to invest in a common infrastructure that provides training for farmers, and pay a higher price for quality coffee.

From the coffee farmer to consumer

If gourmet coffee to improve coffee farmers ‘standard of living it requires perfection from beginning to end. Coffee investing is one of business need to be considered. It will be big.

So Are you ready to getting start with coffee investing?

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