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Coffee industry trends – Stable trend of users of black coffee

Coffee industry trends nowadays become the influence in around us. The history of these tropical plants is rich and I drink. Coffee comes from the kingdom of Kaffa in Ethiopia from where the priests spread across the Arabian Peninsula. Ceremonies preparing, serving and drinking coffee developed just Arabs. In Arabia, the first used as a medicine and then became a religious and meditative drink.

The first official coffee shop opened in Constantinople, and the first coffee on European soil cooked in Venice. Today, coffee is an indispensable part of every household and daily routines of a large number of consumers. The maker says that encourages concentration, cognitive processes, accelerates the process of information processing in the brain, relieves a headache and uplifting.


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Heavy users of black coffee, we have 46%, they consume almost every day, and some even several times a day. Medium users, who consume black coffee several times a week or once a week, is much less – 15%. At least the light users who black coffee consumed 2-3 times a month and less often. Heavy users of the categories of black coffee more often women (55%).

Most heavy users of coffee have aged 40+ years. Medium-educated, and equally they are employed and the unemployed, most of them married.

Although 56% of them live in the city, significantly more than the average of the population lives in rural areas (44%). Even 70% of these users are parents.

Heavy users of black coffee to their lifestyles are mostly modest family men or even family traditionalists. Important to them is family harmony, and are prone to taking care of household and furnishing homes. Value their leisure time spent mostly in the family circle. They are among price-sensitive consumers and generally believe more domestic than foreign brands.


Coffee industry trends Even 92% of heavy users of coffee likes to start the day with your favorite beverage. For 65% of them even break is complete without black coffee. 71% of them considered that the ritual of drinking coffee and 60% can not imagine hanging out with friends without coffee. Half of the heavy user black coffee drink only at home and other times drink other forms of coffee (instant, cappuccino, espresso).

Cappuccino best-selling segment blend coffee

cappuccino-1Coffee has become an inevitable part of the social life in the last 1000 years . The coffee is in the form of beverage which started in Arabia and spread to the whole world. Category over the years developed following global trends and desires of consumers.  That increase in the number of those who want to get her favorite drink in a few minutes, drink it with foam and choose your favorite flavor, developed and category mix of coffee.

slight decline

In the category of Coffee industry trends, blends include all instant products used for the preparation of various beverages of coffee. The category in this analysis includes retail (catering, discounters, Cash & Carry, the wholesale and seasonal facility open less than six months in a year are not included).

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