Coffee gifts with 10 ideal gifts for coffee lovers

Coffee gifts with 10 ideal gifts for coffee lovers

Coffee gifts? Are you also looking for gifts? The center is December and it is time to buy gifts for your loved ones and family. If your gift is very difficult to choose, then maybe it should try and be original. Why not independently make a gift for someone? If you have someone you are sure that the real coffee lovers whose thoughts wander to the machine as soon as he wakes up or if you know someone who is constantly called on the coffee, then we have a solution for you! Read our ideas for gifts from the world of coffee and perhaps we will inspire and motivate you to try it yourself to try at home.


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Well, how about an original and creative gift?

1. Airport as air freshener for those who prefer a practical and useful

As we have already mentioned in the article about the secrets of coffee, coffee can be an air freshener. Coffee not only absorbs and neutralizes unpleasant odors and air but her scent and awakens. Therefore, anyone can make a bow and coffee in the form of air freshener.

There are several opportunities to do so. You can use the residue that remains of Turkish coffee and put in thin socks or nylons, fully charge, tie and put the decorative material. For decorative material, you can use an old multi-colored t-shirt or buy a piece of cloth in the store that you like.

Alternatively, you can also do it with an unused coffee, ground, and roasted beans. The only difference is that as ground coffee has something intense smell of roasted beans. Such a machine can place such as in a thick white sock, tied securely and finally garnish with a decorative rubber band or just sew some detail. Be creative!

2. Coffee in the second candle, Coffee gifts in romantic

In addition to these methods, you can make even a simple gift. Get simple, thicker and wider cup. Fill them with coffee beans and leave 1 cm to the top of the cup. In the middle put ordinary ports, but do not push them into the depths of coffee, but put them on top. Decorate a cup of tempera or permanent markers, write the name of the person you give away, a quote or a motif that has to mean for you and give it such. When lighting a candle in the middle, its heat will warm the cells that will give off a pleasant scent.

Winter <3

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You can do this with all the vessels that are not sensitive to heat. Transparent, white, blue, on a plate, cup or glass surface, it does not matter – be creative! Also, you can put the harbor with some scent. For example, with the smell of cherry or orange, because when it is mixed with the aroma of coffee – there is no better gift!

3. glittering candles with coffee for fainthearted

If you have more originality and creativity, you can get the glue for candles, sizable ordinary candle, and coffee beans and decorate a candle sticking coffee beans on it. Stick it in different directions, and given the fact that we are in the holiday period, you can also add such as red or blue tinsel!


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4. Drawing for long memory

Do you like to draw? Have you ever tried to draw a coffee? If not, then this is the right opportunity. All you will need are brushes, a little water in a separate pot, cooked coffee and coffee grounds. Almost all the same as with watercolors. Also, draw exclusively on thick paper.

How the image is dark or light and whether the images have depth, depending on how many times you will be painted a certain part of the coffee. This can create numerous shapes and motifs with depth, and the only thing to watch out for cleaning, and dip the brush into the water during painting to clean and create clean lines.

What’s it like out, in reality, see a video that will give you maybe an idea for a picture!

Images can be framed in a cheapest picture frame which also can decorate beads coffee by pasting them in a circle!

5. The special cup for a friend

How about a Coffee gifts from little creativity? For example, a special cup for a friend or a friend that you designed! Sounds good? All you need is white quality (if you can porcelain) cup, napkin with the desired motifs, glue ModPodge, and brush.

The process is very simple. It should be taken off, pieces of napkins or the entire lean napkin with a cup and coated with glue several times and let it dry. If you want, instead of a napkin or in combination with napkins, you can also sprinkle sequins or use another option decorating.

This can be done and with a thermos of coffee, in the case of an ordinary thermos without some pretty ornaments or mental container where it can be stored coffee. In case you are not a fan of glue and arcane technicalities, then you can simplify things so that paint your cup with the help of ordinary paint or markers for the porcelain.

Draw different motives, write quotes, let your imagination run wild!

6.  syrup for those who like to enjoy a variety of flavors and coffee

Lift the enjoyment of coffee to the next level! If your friends loves coffee with extra flavor, then the local syrup great idea for it that it will not leave you indifferent.

There are a number of options and recipes for preparing syrup that can be used with the coffee, but if you are not sure of their culinary skills, try to make some of these syrups using the next recipe.

For a taste of vanilla, make a syrup of vanilla! All you need to have 2 cups water, 2 cups of sugar and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract (or real vanilla). In a pot heat the water and dissolve the sugar, and during the continuous mixing when sugar is heated and dissolved at all, add the vanilla. Mix for some time until everything is united together and you have a syrup of vanilla!

The same goes for the syrup of caramel, only in this case you should instead put half a cup of vanilla caramel you have previously made. But if you like this idea, then you can try and with other fruit flavors such as blackberry, cherry and the like.

When you do, shake the syrup in a nicer glass dish and garnish with the red bow!

7. Once little ornaments for employees coffee lovers who love fashion

Do you have old shirts that no longer dress? Rather than toss them, make this Coffee gifts with which to impress your employee no doubt! If you are big fans of coffee to go and have a thermos which faithfully carries everywhere with you, then this will be a real gift for them.

Cut the central part of some shirts that have a thickness two buttons. wrap it several times around the thermos and in this form the suture to hold it in place and to prevent unwrapped. Or, if you simply cut out only part of the sleeves and adjust the size needed for a thermos. Excess fold and suture.

I have a simple and original gift without much effort and with a lot of fashion sense!

8. soft and colorful mat cup for those who are a little clumsy

Do you have a friend who is always spontaneous but every now spilling coffee while you drink? Perhaps, then, the best gift for him colorful mat cup. Whether ordering online or buying in Croatia, for this creative venture will take colorful balls of felt or balls of wool, a plain backing, and adhesive.

I have a simple and original Coffee gifts without much effort and with a lot of fashion sense!

Although it seems complicated, the process is simple. Using good glue, glue beads start from the middle to the end of the round. If desired, the washer can make a colorful, one-color, with initials, round or rectangular. As long as you like and you think you might be the person most pleased!

9. A special cup holder on the wall for those who love the courage and practicality

Regardless of whether the person to whom you want to give Coffee gifts it a large or small apartment, these ideas will be incorporated into a large and a small kitchen. Although each of us has his favorite coffee mug, safe in their kitchen cabinets each of us hiding characteristic and special cups that should be visible.

In the absence of an idea to edit the apartment, this is the best and simplest solution. All it needs is more or less a wooden board. Of course, it is important that the board is not too thick, but thinner. In addition, required the hooks on which to put the glasses, nails and a hammer.

After all get, follow these steps. Line up the hook in order to wooden board, but make sure you are not too close to the cup might normally hang out without being too close arranged. For added security, you can paste them and with hot glue.

With greater nails panel into the wall and secure it to remain fixed.

10. What if your gift was even more special?

For those daring who like big surprises and are not a problem to give a little more of his time to the Coffee gifts, we have another idea. How about a coffee table? Although it sounds a bit crazy, this would be an unexpected hit for the friends of your who have recently moved and moreover love coffee.

If you decide on any of these ventures, let us know the result of the reaction of your coffee lover!

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