Coffee Facts Health – 10 Amazing health benefits of coffee

Coffee facts health

Coffee facts health is good for us to know. Many of us love a good cup of Coffee in the morning. You wake up, it helps us feel alert, and is an important part of our being prepared for the daily routine.

But Coffeee gets a bad rap from many people because of its properties, apparently healthy. Both critics snapper the fact that it turns your teeth yellow, or if they will enthusiastic about his relationship with a rapid pulse, simply opponents can not stop having a go at our coffee

So let’s take a look at 10 coffee facts health , you need to know everything.

1. Caffeine improves circulation

If you drink one or two cups of coffee a day, you can see an increase of 20-30% of the capillary blood flow. This increased blood flow means that the body’s tissues get more oxygen, and you can only see a number of advantages. For instance, a better circulation means that the physical performance is easier.


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So if you’re the type who wants to work more, why not add coffee to your diet?

2. Coffee improves brain function

Coffee is already well known to stimulate the brain to create the most important chemicals that help us to learn, but did you know that it is also particularly adept at blocking bad chemicals that slow the process of learning?

Caffeine Checkmate

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Yup, bad as adenosine kept in check by Joe, with the result that the positive neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine get the chance to shine. This in turn means that our neurons are allowed to work without inhibition, to improve overall cognitive function.

3. Coffee can banish Blues

Another one of the major health benefits of coffee is that it can banish blues. Depression is a debilitating disease, and more awareness has finally raised its effects on the sick. To reduce the risk of depression, you can do something as simple as drinking coffee.

Caffeine addiction

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Drinking one or two cups a day may reduce the risk for the entire 20%, with investigators regard the relationship of caffeine production of happiness hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine, is the main reason.

4. coffee can help you lose weight

Next a fabulous health benefits of coffee is that it can help you lose weight. We have previously referred to as the coffee can improve circulation, which in turn means that it is able to work harder and more hard.

losing weight

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At the same time, coffee helps to burn more calories and increase your metabolism by up to 20%. All this big things combined mean that a few cups of coffee a day can help you lose weight and look slimmer soon.

5. Coffee is rich in vitamins

Another one of the major health benefits of coffee is that it contains a fair amount of minerals and vitamins. Coffee is basically a cocktail of vitamins. And “rich in riboflavin, pantothenic acid, potassium, magnesium, manganese and niacin, thiamin and then filled with enough antioxidants to keep the body well ticking. Only one or two cups a day and you will be overloaded with vitamins!

6. Just smell can help you de-stress

All going to come out at one time or another, and most of us will be called upon at some point this week. In a recent article, we shared, there are some very simple but effective ways to de-stress and beat anxiety, and one of these is the smell of coffee.


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According to scientists, just the smell of caffeine cause brain protein that creates stress to fall. In addition, we also believe that the smell of something warm, friendly, comfortable and exotic coffee brings in a beautiful, happy and peaceful. So wake up and smell the coffee!

7. coffee can help you live longer

According to a study, another of the fabulous health benefits of drinking coffee is that it can help you live longer. The study focuses 400,000 participants, and concluded that if you drink only a cup of coffee for a day reduces the risk of death by 6%.

If this does not sound so great, why not drink two or three cups a day and reduce the risk by 10%?

Still spot on your orange juice? Well, drinking four or five cups a day and reduce the risk by 12%! Joke! Moderation is the key!

8. The coffee can reduce pain

Many of us go through the pain in the course of a day’s work. Both our back hurts because of sitting in an office chair all day, or if our arms are stretched under a lot of heavy lifting, the pain is something that happens a lot of us.

An easy way to reduce pain is to drink a cup of coffee. A quick coffee break can really rejuvenate and make you feel fresh, without pain and strengthened.

9. The coffee may reduce the risk of skin cancer

Perhaps one of the most amazing health benefits of coffee is that it can reduce the risk of skin cancer. According to a survey conducted by Jiali Han, associate professor at Harvard, coffee reduces the risk of developing basal cell carcinoma, which is actually the most popular form of skin cancer.

10. Coffee makes you more alert

This is perhaps the most obvious health benefits of coffee, although some people continue to drink for its taste, without realizing how much of an energy booster coffee really is. For this reason, they drink it right before sleep!

But the coffee is traditionally the drink of choice in the morning from people around the world, as its stimulating effects help us to feel more awake and responsive. If we were not in the mood for another sad day in office exhaustive sure we have our cup of cofee!


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coffee facts health benefits that are worth mentioning. It reduces the risk of diabetes, reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease, and you can just make you feel happier in general. Of course, the coffee drunk in moderation. Too much coffee can lead to anxiety and increased heart rate. So be sure and enjoy your cup of Joe!

Do you know coffee facts health ?

Staying healthy and happy!

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