Coffee drink recipes to helps fight your thick head

Coffee drink recipes to help fight your thick head

Coffee drink recipes for help you in a head problem. Who does not know that? A wet-spirited evening has come to an end and the next morning you wish you had not drunk so much alcohol. Today, I’ll introduce you to a recipe that will put you on your feet after a night of perversion. This munter macher is done quickly and you do not need much. Strong coffee, some sugar, and a lemon. Who likes can also add an orange. Finished is a coffee that helps against your fat head

Coffee helps against the cat after too much alcohol, can this really be? The answer is yes. Alcohol removes water from your body and this is the cause of the headaches after too much alcohol. Coffee is, among other things, caffeine and in citrus fruits – that is, the lemon – is a lot of vitamin C. If you look at the leaflet of some headache pills, you can see that these two drugs are also contained in some painkillers – and not without reason. Sugar, well sugar is practically nothing but a short-term energy booster for your body. In our case, however, he has much more to do with the taste of the drink.

With the hangover coffee, you give your body exactly what it needs now: moisture, energy and what is the pain.

What do you need for this coffee recipe?

As mentioned, you do not need much for this recipe. The most important are coffee. It is recommended to take a strong coffee. So a coffee with a high proportion of Robusta coffee beans would be quite good. Alternatively, you can also take a double espresso.

ORange lemon 012

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The ingredients are:

A cup (120ml) strong coffee / double espresso
Juice of a half lemon
Two to three teaspoons of sugar
Who still likes the juice of half an orange

The preparation

The preparation of this coffee is fortunately very easy. That is a good thing. I mean, if you make this coffee, you have just a fat head and certainly, do not want to cook great.
The first thing you cook is the coffee or espresso. You can just make the coffee in the coffee machine. What is important is that you use a coffee with as much caffeine as possible. You then fill the coffee into a cup. Now you press the half lemon and pour the juice into the hot coffee. I myself still make half an orange. It tastes slightly better and the coffee contains even more vitamin C. So that the whole is not too unpleasant tastes, now add a good portion of sugar. I have written the ingredients two to three spoons. Personally, this drink is still too sour. Therefore, I usually pour twice the amount.

The taste

The coffee is really a small challenge. You can smell it and as you see in the picture on the left, you can see it. The coffee against the cat does not taste. He looks like cold coffee in which some milk has strayed.
Actually, the coffee does not taste synonymous. He should help against our fat head. He just has a comic lemon flavor. Thanks to the sugar, our cat is tasteable but so tolerable that you can get it down even if something is bad.


This coffee is a small challenge. But he helps quite well against a cat. If you like me do not always equal to painkillers, the hangover coffee is a really good alternative.
Tip: If you have a thick head after too much alcohol, I would before or take a glass with a magnesium tablet yet for this coffee. Generally speaking, drink as much as possible.

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